Hello! We are Brandon, Briana and Sophia. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. Please know that we are thinking and praying for you and your family through this process. We cannot pretend to fully understand what you are experiencing right now, but your courage and selflessness are such an inspiration to us. We look forward to an opportunity to meet you and build a relationship with you and your family.

About Us
We have been together for almost 15 years and married for almost 10 of those years. We prayed for a child when our prayers were answered to adopt our daughter Sophia. We both love Sophia so much and we do not take a day for granted with her. As a family we enjoy going to the movies together, playing in the park behind our house, hiking, shopping, going on vacation and just spending an evening at home playing a board game or watching a movie. We are very close to both sides of our family. Our families live within twenty minutes of us. Sophia is so close to her cousins that she calls one her best friend and one her brother cousin. Our families are eagerly awaiting to see us grow our family and see Sophia as a big sister!

About Briana from Brandon
Briana has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. Briana works as an Underwriter at a major insurance company. She has worked there for nearly ten years. She has the luxury to work from home, making her available for all of Sophia’s activities and school events.

Briana loves party planning for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers and pretty much any occasion. She loves practicing photography with her new camera. She also likes parks and hiking with us and our dogs. She and Sophia love shopping at Target together; that is their special time together. Briana’s most favorite pastime though, is cuddles and movie nights with Sophia.

About Brandon from Briana
The most impressive thing about Brandon by far is what an amazing dad he is. Brandon works at a local heating and air conditioning company. He is hands-on and spends every minute outside of work with our family.
Brandon is a diehard Cleveland sports fan, loves video games, music and renovating our home. Brandon has become our handyman. He spends a lot of weekends making our house a home for our family. I come up with the ideas from Pinterest and then Brandon does the hard work. His next project is to finish our basement so we can have a cheerful family room filled with toys for the kids.

Meet our daughter Sophia
Sophia lights up any room she walks into. She is strong, smart, self-confident and most of all very loving. Her current hobbies are tumbling, swimming, soccer and making silly videos. We are extremely blessed to have an open adoption with Sophia’s birth family. Sophia is so excited to be a big sister and help take care of the new baby. She tells us all the time that she wants a little brother or sister. We joke that the next child will have three parents in the home because she is going to be such a little mommy.

About our Home/Pets
We were both raised in the same suburb in Ohio that we are now raising Sophia. We live in a cozy ranch in a quiet neighborhood with plenty of room for children to play. Our house sits on a semi cul-de-sac. We have a large backyard with a swing set. Behind our home is an elementary school with two playgrounds.

Our furry kids are; Baylee, Kenya and Roxy. Baylee is our 14-year-old cat. She enjoys sleeping all day and eating. Kenya and Roxy are our 10-year-old dogs. They enjoy barking at people or deer walking in the park behind our house, sleeping, eating and crying to get on the furniture. They all act like old ladies now and we love all three of them so much. They are amazing family animals and they all adore children.