1: Introduction
We are Celestin and Regina. We’d like to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your precious baby… or babies. (We have always talked about having two little ones. Should they happen to be twins, we would welcome them with open arms!) We know that this may not be the easiest time for you, but know that your decision speaks volumes about the love you have for your child. Choosing the family, the value system, and opportunities that your child will be exposed to is an awesome responsibility, but also an awesome opportunity. May God’s peace and guidance be with you during this process and always…

2: About Us
After nine years of marriage, we have been blessed to have built a beautiful life together. We love one another deeply and make a point to show that love daily. We connect over our mutual love of travel and love learning about other cultures. In addition to that, we also enjoy music, ballet and attending sports events together. We live a full and happy life… We are so ready to share that love and happiness with our child.

3: About Him
Our professions are tied directly to our care and concern for others. Celestin has been a public school teacher for over 18 years. He believes there are few things more rewarding than making a positive difference in the lives of his students.

4: About Her
As a physician, Regina not only has the opportunity to make sure that women are healthy, but that the family is healthy as well. She is a strong believer in work life balance and makes sure that her schedule allows time for things that are important to her and her family.

5: About our Home/Pets
When our wonderful baby arrives, Celestin will take a year off from work, and I will take maternity leave from my practice. This will give us time to bond with the baby and to adjust to the new demands of parenting. Our goal is to spend as much time with our baby as possible. Our mothers are both retired. Each of them is ready and willing to move in with us temporarily to help care for their new grandchild as needed. Our child will be surrounded by love. We make a point of spending holidays and special occasions with our family and friends. They are all looking forward to our child becoming part of the family! Thank you again for considering us…