Welcome! We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile, which we hope can provide a glimpse of what life is like in our family. We realize that making an adoption plan for your child is very difficult, and we respect the strength and selflessness that is required to do it.

About Us:
We met in Miami, Florida six years ago and lived there for the first three years of our relationship. Shortly after getting married, we moved to Columbus. We have been here three years now and love it. We enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and wildlife photography, and Ohio has many beautiful natural areas perfect for people with our interests. Columbus is also only a day’s drive from our families in Wisconsin and Mississippi, which makes visiting them often much easier than when we lived in Florida. Around home, we enjoy gardening, cooking with the fresh items that we grow, watching movies, and playing board games with friends.

About Dan:
He grew up in Wisconsin but left the Midwest to go to college in Northern California. After graduating, he spent a couple years in Boston working in pediatric clinical research. He moved to Miami, where he met Mary and completed his doctorate in human genetics. Having experienced many different places, he is now very happy to call the Midwest home again. He is currently a scientist working in academic research. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, playing tennis, squash, or racquetball, finding wildflowers, bugs, and birds that he has never seen, and barbecuing.

About Mary:
She was born in Mississippi, but her family relocated to South Florida when she was a child. Her naturally outgoing personality made her a perfect fit for the hospitality industry in South Florida, and she spent several years working in hotels or managing restaurants and bars. Since moving to Ohio, she has been a home-maker and will be a stay-at-home mom. She enjoys her free time to explore her passions. Working many years in fine dining establishments helped build her culinary talents, including baking and cake decorating. Aside from that, she is also an artist who enjoys painting, ceramics, sewing, crafting of any kind, nature photography, digital scrap-booking, and making videos.

About our Home/Pets:
We live in a Columbus suburb that is very family-oriented. It is a three story townhouse community which has two pools, a children’s playground, and many large grassy areas for running or game playing. Right now, we have a furry family of three cats, with all of them having very different personalities. We both grew up always having a dog and plan on continuing that tradition. Being animal lovers, we plan on allowing the kids to choose the types of pets they want. Whether it be a turtle, a bunny, or anything in between, we want them to enjoy those types of bonds and life experiences as they grow.