Birthdate: November 1998

Devon loves sports, especially baseball, and is very athletic. He also likes games and is especially good at memory games. Devon loves the outdoors and outdoor activities, like bike riding, camping and fishing.

Devon has had lots of instability in his life and has a hard time trusting people. He likes to make all of his own decisions and spends lots of time explaining why his way of doing things is right. It takes time for Devon to decide that he can accept the rules the adults in his life make. Devon is learning to think before he acts. He has a good memory and is very good at putting puzzles together and figuring out mechanical things. Devon will continue to need to be in a special education program that can handle his behavioral problems.



For more information about Devon contact:

Sharon Whitaker                                                            OR                               Denise Barczyk

Summit County Children Services                                                                   Caring for Kids, Inc.

(330) 379-2049 or                                          (330) 802-3420 or at