We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us. We can’t imagine being in your shoes right now and having to make a decision that will affect the life of the child you are carrying. We are also, proud of you for taking this journey when you could have chosen other paths.
We adopted our son, Blake, 8 years ago and we both would say that it was an amazing experience that we thank God for every day. We have always wanted more children and Blake is so excited to be a big brother and hopes and prays that we can bring a baby home soon! We have always been open with him that someone else carried him in their belly and he was given to us as soon as he was born. His reaction when he was truly old enough to understand was, “Wow, that is one big Thank You!”. We will never know how to” Thank” his birth-mother or the next birth-mother for completing our lives. Jason and I don’t know what your thoughts are on how much you want to be in the life of your baby, but no matter what, they will always know about you and how much Love it took to make this decision.

About Us and our family
To tell you some about our family, we are all about family! Dawn’s family is extremely close, when anything happens they band together and support each other like no other. People talk about the amazing closeness all the time. Dawn has an identical twin sister, Diane, and an older sister, Nancy. There are no brothers, but enough cousins to completely make up for it! Dawn’s parents are the extreme doting grand-parents, they are in the lives of all their grandchildren every day. Dawn’s dad has 7 brothers and sisters and all of them and their children and their children’s children live within a 30 mile radius of each other and though they don’t see each other daily they are all very close.
A year ago Dawn took a leap of faith and started working in a corporate office 10 minutes from home, a decision she will never regret. Her hours are 7-4 and she is home to be with the family and has never been happier!
Jason’s family is also very close. He has one brother, Kevin, no sisters, but he will tell you Dawn’s makes up for that completely. Jason’s great-grandfather turned 101 years old this past July and he is doing great. Blake and Jason love to spend the day with him when they can. After God and his family comes farming for Jason, his first love. Jason has never worked first shift, which has been a blessing at times but very hard on his sleep pattern. Earlier this year he was given the opportunity to take a first shift position Mon-Fri with no weekends unless production demands. He is loving being able to be home every night for dinner and spend every weekend with the family. He was able to assist in coaching t-ball for Blake’s team this year and truly loved it. His mother retired last year and is looking forward to being able to help and be there more with this next new addition to the family.

Facts About Jason
Occupation: Manufacturing
Religion: Methodist
Education: Some College in Nursing
Favorite Food: Anything but coconut
Favorite Hobby: Farming and spending time with my son
Favorite Movie: Gone in 60 seconds
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Group: Jason Aldean and anything from the 80’s & 90’s
Favorite TV Show: Wheel of Fortune
Favorite Book: Rifles for Watie
Favorite Vacation Spot: Gatlinburg, TN

Facts About Dawn
Occupation: Regional HR Manager US/CA
Religion: Baptist
Education: Some College in Accounting
Favorite Food: Mexican and Ice Cream
Favorite Hobby: reading , working with the youth group, anything with my son
Favorite Movie: Loves movies! Could never pick just one!
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Music Group: Third Day; Casting Crowns
Favorite TV Show: NCIS, NCIS LA, and Arrow
Favorite Book: Anything by Dee Henderson
Favorite Vacation Spot: Tennessee and the Ocean

About our Home/Pets

We live on a farm in Northwest Ohio. We own 12 acres and built our ranch style home with a full basement in 2013. The farm land surrounding us is owned by Jason’s great-grandfather and Jason has farmed the land for 10 years now. We love being on the farm and having the land for Blake can play and explore. We adopted a dog 3 years ago from a kennel, her name is Chloe. She loves to run the farm and check the fields with Jason and is Blake and Dawn’s protector!