Thank you for taking the time to consider us as you make an adoption plan for your baby. Adoption has touched our extended family, as well as several of our friends, and we know this isn’t an easy choice. We admire your strength & selflessness as you pursue the best possible life for your child. We promise that we can provide a home that is filled with love and laughter and that you would always have a place in our hearts and family. We hope our profile gives you a bit more information about us and perhaps moves you to tell us more about yourself and your hopes for your baby.

About Us:
We met in 2004, while singing in church choir. The choir director was an old college friend of Jeremy’s, and Nicole had been invited to church by a mutual friend and co-worker. We met at Nicole’s first choir practice and were married in the same church a year and a half later.

We both have a zest for life and enjoy taking part in a variety of activities. We enjoy cooking, going out to eat, riding Jeremy’s motorcycle, attending concerts, exploring museums, riding the coasters at Cedar Point, and cheering on our favorite sports teams. We also love to travel and explore other places and cultures, which is an experience that we definitely look forward to sharing with a child.

About Jeremy:
Occupation: Software Engineer

Also…computer geek, lover of gadgets, Harley Davidson enthusiast, music fan, cyclist, movie buff, Belgian beer aficionado, Buckeye fanatic.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Sports Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

What will make Jeremy a good dad? Kindness. Patience. Enthusiasm. Love of tradition. Strong family background. Logical mind…he’ll be the go-to helper with math & science homework.

About Nicole:
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Yoga Teacher

Also…aspiring writer, French cooking enthusiast, baseball fanatic, die-hard KISS fan, shoe collector, theater geek, dreamer.

Favorite Color: Hard to choose just one!

Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Roman Holiday (also hard to choose one)

Favorite Sports Team: Cleveland Indians

What will make Nicole a good mom? Passion. Creativity. Nurturing spirit. Empathy. Sense of humor. Embrace of individuality. Goofiness. Imaginative and literary mind…she’ll be the go-to helper with English & arts homework.

About Our Family:
Jeremy’s immediate family includes mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-law, two nieces, and two step siblings. We’re very close, spending holidays and birthdays together and even going on group vacations every few years. Jeremy’s dad passed away several years ago, but his presence is still felt in sharing family memories, listening to his favorite music, and riding his old Harley. Jeremy also has a large and tight-knit extended family that loves to spend time together as often as possible.

As an only child of divorced parents, Nicole has a close relationship with both her mom and dad. Mom lives in Florida, and we alternate visits between there and Ohio. Dad lives near us, so we can spend lots of time together. Nicole’s extended family is not as large or close as Jeremy’s but through her work as an actress, she has built a theater “family” that more than makes up for it. She has a strong and wonderful support system in the theater community, both in Ohio and New York.

About Our Home/Pets:
We’re definitely city people who thrive on the energy and diversity of an urban lifestyle, but we like to have the best of both worlds. We live in a townhouse in a walkable and bike-friendly suburb with shops, restaurants, and everything we need nearby. There are also lots of trees, parks, good schools, and streets with a quiet neighborhood feel…all within an easy distance from Cleveland and all it has to offer!

Our home also includes two furry family members, our cat Harley and our dog Phoebe. Harley is sweet but a little shy with new people. He takes his time making friends, but once he does, he’s loving and loyal. He loves his toys, laser pointers, and lying near boundaries (carpet edges, doorways, etc.). He’s also quite handsome! Phoebe is a happy-go-lucky lovebug. She loves to go for walks, ride in the car, meet new friends (and their humans) at the dog park, and cuddle & give kisses. She is smart, well behaved, and great with kids!