We believe everything happens for a reason. There is a reason you are reading our profile. There is a
reason our paths are crossing at this time. Adoption is something we have been preparing our hearts
for, and it is time to start this chapter in our story.

We are Jim and Elizabeth and we are excited to share our story with you. We are hopeful that a part of
your story will soon start a new chapter in ours. Take some time to get to know us as you turn through
these pages and we share moments of our lives with you. We hope that you feel we are the family for
your child, which makes you part of our family as well. As parents we will provide a loving, safe,
nurturing home and family where our child is protected and cherished. We are ready and waiting with
open hearts and open arms.

Our Story
We met on a blind date twenty-one years ago. We fell in love, were married fourteen months later, and
have not left each others side since. Elizabeth knew the day she met Jim that he was the man she would
marry, it took Jim three weeks and he knew he found his future wife. We live life as a team, knowing our
best friend is always walking next to us. We truly believe God made us for each other, and above all else,
we desire to honor God in our marriage.

We are a family that loves to have fun together! From grocery shopping, watching a movie, yard work,
or even cleaning out the garage we find a way to enjoy our time with one another. We are happy to
snuggle on the couch watching our favorite tv shows, going to Cavs and Indians games, or meeting
family and friends for dinner. We also enjoy vacations, typically traveling with family to anywhere warm
with no snow! We are Disney people at heart but also love the turquoise waters and beaches of the
Caribbean. We are members of the Disney Vacation Club, which allows us to visit Disney World every
year. We love it there and cannot wait to share the fun of Disney with our child.

Meet Jim
Jim is a technical manager in IT for a global company. He has a gift and passion for music, history and
technology. In his spare time, he loves to write and record original music in our small home studio and is
always working on some type of electronics project. Jim also loves being outdoors, especially working in
the yard and playing with our dog Bailey.

Meet Elizabeth
Elizabeth currently works as a front office staff member in a physical therapy clinic. When it is time for
our child to come home, she will be leaving her job to be a stay at home mom. Elizabeth has a special
gift and place in her heart for children. She has used this talent in so many ways over the years, from
working in child care, being an adoption case worker, to teaching children’s Sunday school. She is always
looking to bring out a smile and has a knack for engaging children in unique ways to connect and make
them feel special. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys working in her craft room making handmade
greeting cards and family vacation scrap books and spending time with friends.

Meet Bailey
Bailey is our life and kid loving German Shepherd dog. She is an active pup who loves to play, take walks,
chase wildlife in our yard, and oversee the neighborhood from “her” second-floor window. She is
fantastic with children and prefers kids over any grownup. Her favorite games are fetch and hide and
seek. Our friends’ son Jason is Bailey’s best friend. Jason is 11, and a pretty awesome kid who loves
playing hide and seek with Bailey. He is great at trying to trick her! We have never seen her run so fast
as when she is trying to find him!

Our Home and Community
We live in a culturally diverse and family friendly community in Northeast Ohio. We are centrally located
near the metro parks, museums, zoos and an aquarium. There are also amusement parks close by! The
local schools are just minutes away and have a very high rating on the Ohio Schools listing, with many
available resources for students. Our neighborhood is on the smaller side, which is great because we
know our neighbors. Children are always playing outside throughout the neighborhood. We have a two-
story home with four bedrooms that is located on a cul-de-sac. Our favorite place to spend time is in the
family room which connects to an open kitchen and sunroom. The finished basement has a dedicated
movie space and a game area. We enjoy watching movies and sports with family and friends, as well as
playing cards and board games. Apples to apples, Euchre, and Scrabble are favorites! We also enjoy
time outside on our patio which overlooks a great backyard space. Our home is the hub for getting
together for holidays, birthdays and summer cookouts.

Our Faith
Our faith is the foundation of our marriage. We attend a non-denominational Christian church weekly
and enjoy worship time together. We participate in activities through the church such as bible studies,
concerts, and small/ community groups. We enjoyed teaching the Sunday preschool classes for a couple
years and also love being greeters. During the week we spend time reading devotionals, scripture, and
praying together. Jim plays the keyboard and sings on the worship team. We have a great network of
friends through our church community that we enjoy spending time with and can look to for support.
We are excited to introduce our child to our church community, where they will attend church and
Sunday school with us as they grow.

Our Future
We are excited to grow our family through adoption with the support of our family, friends and church.
We look forward to the joy a child brings to our life and home. We are excited to play on the swing set in
the back yard and make smores. There will be guaranteed camp outs under the stars and time spent
learning to ride a bike. We will ensure countless childhood memories are made while nurturing our child
as they grow in a home surrounded by those who will love and support them throughout their life. We
are dedicated to offering our child an environment of unconditional love and guidance while teaching
them the value of hard work and encouraging higher education. We will offer them opportunities to
explore and develop their natural gifts and talents. They will be encouraged to participate in activities
such as swimming, martial arts, sports, music, art or anything else that interests them. We will also offer
the opportunity to explore the world around them through travel, visiting new places while introducing
them to different cultures.

Thank you for spending some time with our family! We look forward to the opportunity to meet and get
to know you in the near future.