Hello! My name is Joy and I am the lucky mom to two amazing little boys, Colin (8) and Quinn (7)! We hope that you can learn a little bit about our lives from reading this profile. While I am currently single, my path to motherhood started in the loving partnership I shared with my husband Scott, who unfortunately passed away from cancer in 2012. We desired to have a larger family and allow our children to experience the love, companionship and support that siblings share. These life events brought me to my adoption journey. I feel passionately about the beauty of families that develop from ties that surpass a biological connection, including my own blended family! Pursuing adoption feels close to my heart and I look forward to finding ways to cherish the bond that will form between a birth family and adoptive family.

About Me

Where Born – Cleveland, OH

Ethnicity – German/Slovak

Family siblings – 1 brother, 1 brother in-law, 1 half sister in-law and one half brother in-law

Job/Position – Human Resources Program Manager – with The American Red Cross (I have worked there 11 years and LOVE the work that they do!)

Education – Master of Arts in Education – Adult Learning & Development and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (started out my career as a High School Teacher!)

Likes – Coconut, Snowy Days, My iPad, long walks, taking pictures, listening to music, mystery novels and traveling (especially to Europe)

I am very excited to share the family experiences that I have with a child, should I be lucky enough to adopt! Most of my close family all live within 30 min. of me and are a frequent part of my life. We get together often and go to movies, parks, festivals, sporting events, bike rides and travel. As one example, we are planning a trip to some National Parks out west this summer with cousins!

I work from home and a typical day is getting my sons off to school in the morning, and starting work. After school, we do homework and they play with their friends next door while I finish my work day. We have dinner together most days and sometimes have sports practices in the evening. We usually take baths and relax and watch some TV or play a game until bedtime! Grandma/Grandpa visit a few times a week.

About My Sons

My sons are only 18 months apart. They are inseparable. One is super laid back and the other is very affectionate and always talking. They are both involved in sports (baseball, soccer, flag football, basketball and lacrosse) and my younger son is very drawn to artistic things! One of our favorite things to do is to play WiiU. They love anything Super Mario Brothers and a bonus is that I get to be Princess Peach! I love how aware they are of being kind to others! They will be amazing big brothers!

About our Home/Pets

We live in a suburb west of Cleveland, OH and live on a great street filled with many other kids! Our home has 5 bedrooms and plenty of room to expand our family. We have lived on this street for 7 years and have developed some close friendships with neighbors and often spend time with each other and our kids are always together. We live within close walking distance to several parks and are about a mile away from several parks along Lake Erie with beaches. My sons currently attend school in our community and I would plan to have another child do the same. Our school system is rated among the best in the state and offers many activities and academic support. One of the best school experiences my sons had was attending the pre-school that it is a part of our lower elementary school. It is a program designed for special needs students and also selects students who are peer models. My sons were both lucky enough to be selected as peer models and I am so grateful that they had the opportunity to have this be their introduction to school. They got to work and play with other kids and started out their school years understanding the need to be kind and accepting of students with different abilities and physical challenges.

We have two cats. One is a Himalayan and the other is a mixed-breed who was rescued from a litter of kittens born in a garage on a farm. Their names are Rex and Jessie. I think Jessie may have gotten her name because of how much my kids loved the show Jessie on The Disney Channel at the time we got her!