Nathan personally requested to write about himself in the following narrative.

He would like you to know the following about him:

I am the youngest brother of a large sibling group. I enjoy spending time near lakes or rivers fishing. I also enjoy other sports, like my older brothers and enjoy playing video games, just like other teens my age. I like school, I do well in school academically and I am very proud of the gains I have made. I have become more successful in the classroom consistently. I have developed positive relationships with others. I hope an adoptive family will value school as I do and also be willing to be involved in my education.

I experienced a very chaotic childhood. I have also experienced Adults who have not always met my needs and who did not provide me with a SAFE home environment. I understand why I am in foster care, my adjustment at times has been difficult because I miss my family and siblings. Despite the adjustment, I deeply want to become part of an Adoptive Family. I hope that an adoptive family will know it sometimes takes time for me to trust adults and that I need to be given time to feel comfortable with new faces and new places. I am involved in therapeutic services which I feel benefits me as well as helps me work through my thoughts about family loss.

I would also like you to know that I like to be active and I don’t like to sit around. I hope to become part of a family who also enjoys being active too and I even hope to have an older brother or sister I can look up to. I do best with routine and hope to find a family who can be sensitive about my needs. I would really like if a family is willing to talk and listen to what I have to say.

I hope that you consider these things that I feel are important and that I’m just not another online profile. I want you to know that I am intelligent, caring, and a brave young man. I really hope to find a forever family soon.

Nathan would like you to know there is more to learn about him and he asks you to contact his workers directly:

To learn more about Nathan please contact:
Rebecca Yako
Caring for Kids

Jonathan Nichols
Summit County Children Services