We are Andy and Nicole and we are so excited to welcome a new baby into our family through adoption. Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us as a family for your child. We admire you for choosing adoption and want what is best for you too.

About Us
We met at church and were friends for a few years before we got married. We have been married for 11 years and are each other’s best friend. Our church and faith are still important to our lives. We have 2 children, Isabella who is 8 and Andrew who is 6. They are very excited for a new brother or sister. They are kind and creative and enjoy playing with and helping with younger children. They will be great siblings! As a family we love to travel, to try new foods, to read, to play games, have popcorn and movie nights, go to neighborhood activities, be involved in our church, volunteer together and just plain be together.

About Him
Andy is an electrical engineer who enjoys his work but first and foremost he loves his family. He also loves nature and getting us all outdoors on hikes and walks. He is a leader in our church and a loyal friend. Nicole loves that he is so reliable, has a deep faith and integrity and loves being with his family. Nicole’s favorite thing about Andy is how he accepts and loves people for who they are.

About Her
Nicole is a stay at home mom who has a couple side jobs that allow her to work around the needs of her family. She directs a weekly food pantry at church and has her own business selling jewelry. She loves cooking healthy meals, doing art with her children and spending time with friends and family. Andy’s favorite thing about Nicole is that she has compassion and patience for those around her..

About our Home/Pets
We live in a fun, artistic and diverse city in Northeast Ohio. We can walk to the library and to the park and have a wonderful school system. We have a fun and comfortable home with a fenced-in yard and good neighbors. Nicole’s mom lives with us and adds a lot of love and help to our home. She is excited for another grandbaby to spoil. We have a cat and some fish as pets and lots of birds, rabbits and squirrels visit our yard. We have so much more love to share with a new baby. We have a peaceful and stable home, and hearts ready to welcome a new baby. Thank you for taking the time to consider our family as you make this challenging decision. We are praying for you and your baby.