We want to acknowledge your courageous decision to make an adoption plan. We appreciate your willingness to begin this difficult journey. We want you to know that a bright future lies ahead for you and your child. We understand that the uncertainty of the future may be concerning, but we encourage you to think of this: Our separate journeys brought us to each other and despite the challenges we’ve faced, together we will be able to create a bright future for your child.

About Us
We are both Ohio natives in our early thirties. Neither of us was an only child and grew up amongst a large, extended family. As a Special Education teacher, Olivia inspires students with disabilities to reach their personal best. Daniel provides the gift of reading through eBooks and audiobooks to children around the world. When we decided we were ready to become parents, we agreed on one thing: however parenthood comes to us, it will be a precious miracle. To us, adoption was always considered a favorable route to parenthood; we never saw it as second rate or less preferred and feel that adoption is one of the most fulfilling mitzvahs (a good deed in Judaism) one can perform.

Daniel describes Olivia as…
Olivia is creative, caring, ambitious, and fearless. She loves to cook and entertain, and ensures that anyone who steps into our home can relax and feel like part of the family. I am continuously impressed by her expressions of genuine care and curiosity for others, while still maintaining such strength and commitment to her values and responsibilities. These qualities will help her to be a wonderful mother and I know that taking on this role will come naturally to her.

Olivia describes Daniel as…
Daniel is a very selfless and considerate person who loves me unconditionally. He is a social butterfly who loves to make other laugh. He genuinely cares about the lives of others and is never a spectator. He takes action, takes interest, gets involved, and wants to help. Finally, he has always wanted to be a dad. Watching him with our nephews, nieces, and friends’ children, I can say without a doubt that he will be the greatest dad.

About our Home
Our northeast Ohio neighborhood is culturally diverse and filled with families. Our home is surrounded by nature preserves, parks, an active community center, and a thriving school system. Our hobbies include cooking, supporting local businesses, attending community events, traveling, and being involved at our synagogue.