Birthdates: July 2002 and December 2004

These two girls are full of life and energy! These siblings are bonded and ready for their forever home.

Sophia is a curious and very intelligent. She loves to read and enjoys teen book series. She is drawn to teen movie flicks and seems to really like music and dancing. This year in school, she is singing in the choir and is excelling in all of her classes. She is thriving in her current foster home and has made numerous friends. Being outside, active and full of energy describes Sophia!

Iva is also very intelligent. This year, she has taken an interest in playing the trumpet! She is excelling in her classes at school and raves about the lunches. She has made a great adjustment to her new foster home and loves one on one attention. Fashion, coloring and being crafty are just a few of her many positive attributes.

These girls have many extended relatives that live in various parts of the world. The ideal adoptive parent would nurture those relationships and connections.

Sophia has a history of wanting to parent Iva due to their unstable childhood. Adoptive families would need to understand the importance of firm boundaries and clear roles within the family context. Iva will need to continue conversations about her history and trauma through professional counseling. Adoptive families will need to engage in these conversations and be open to processing the girls’ feelings.

These two girls are very special and ready to explore their futures with a new family. They have been very verbal on their hopes, dreams and what their forever family would “be like”.


To learn more about making Sophia and Iva a part of your family, please contact

Kristin Jordan, LSW
Caring for Kids, Inc.
Gina Oriti
Summit County