Tavone loves being outdoors. He likes fishing and all animals and his dream is to one day have a pet store. He is quiet at first, but can be very talkative after he gets to know you. When Tavone has money, he will spend it all on fishing supplies and lures. Tavone likes sports cars and he always notices nice cars on the road. He wants to fly in a plane someday, but has not yet had the opportunity. He likes sports and is very happy that Lebron James came back to Cleveland! He has an IEP to help him succeed at school and is well liked by his teachers. Tavone enjoys homes with other children, but he also doesn’t mind being alone and having individual attention from the adults. Tavone has some biological family that he wants to stay in contact with. He is very close with his older sister.

For more information, please contact:
Linda Chasteen
Caring for Kids, Inc.
Tanya George-Olds
Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services