1: Introduction

We are thankful and honored that you have chosen to take the time to look at our profile. We cannot thank you enough for considering us a possible family for placement. We hope and pray that during this process you will find comfort in the placement opportunities present and thank you for the commitment and strength that you are displaying to all families that you are impacting

2: About Us

We met through mutual friends and dated for about two years before marrying in 2004. Through our twelve years of marriage we have been blessed with two sons, Karsten (4) and Kayson (3).
Our family we would best be described as loving, sincere, and full of time spent with each other and friends. We spend a great deal of time going to different events in the community and also just enjoying activities with each other around our home. Time during the summer is spent doing all kinds of outdoor activities or taking one or two day road trips to fun destinations. Our two sons are energetic to say the least and are also very kind and sensitive. They continually talk about having a sibling to share their days with and would love to provide that older “brotherly protection” that is often noticed in families!

3: About Him

Tony has been an 8th grade teacher for five years. In describing his hobbies you could basically sum them up into the word “outdoors” since he loves spending time doing about anything outside. He also enjoys several sports including basketball and golf. His demeanor can be best described as laid back or relaxed. He is often times known as quiet until you get to know him, but at that point it is obvious the opposite is true! He is a caring father and will provide a new child a loving atmosphere and his undivided attention.

4: About Her

Maryann comes from a very close family in which she is the sister of three brothers. Several hobbies that she enjoys include dance, reading books, watching movies, and spending time with family. Maryann has been a high school math teacher for thirteen years and has a Master’s Degree in Special Education. There are many different adjectives to describe Maryann including outgoing, caring, thoughtful, and generous. Maryann is a wonderful mother and will undoubtedly open her heart and give a new child the love that both the birth mother and child deserve.

5: About our Home

We own a ranch home that is located in a rural or country setting. One thing we love about our location is that we have the quietness that comes from a peaceful country backyard for cookouts or bonfires with friends but we are also only 10 minutes from a larger city that offers plenty of things to do and everything we need. We intend on building a new home in the next few years and will be sad to leave our old home behind but also excited at the same time to begin new memories and offer our family an exciting and safe new place to call home.

Tony & Maryann