Hi! We are Adam and Liz, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We admire your courage and strength as you consider making an adoption plan for your child. Adoption will always hold a special place in our hearts since our son Andrew was adopted at birth. If you choose us, we promise your child will be raised in a family with unconditional love and support and will always know the story of how our lives are all connected.

About Us
We were married in 2011 and always knew we wanted to start a family. After multiple attempts to overcome our infertility, our journey to parenthood led us to the blessing of adoption. In 2016, we welcomed Andrew as a newborn into our family through adoption, and he is our absolute greatest joy! We feel extremely lucky to be his parents. Our love continues to grow each day for him and his expectant parents, and the selfless decision they made.

About Adam
Adam is the most loving, hands-on dad. He is happiest when he is spending time with our son. Adam is a mechanical engineer in the aviation industry and works right around the corner from our home. His job provides the flexibility for him to come home for lunch everyday and to be home at a moment’s notice.

About Liz
Liz is a full time stay at home mom. Although she enjoyed her job as an elementary teacher, she always hoped to be a stay at home mom. She has a natural motherly instinct and calming personality. Some of her favorite times with Andrew are playing soccer, going to the Zoo or Children’s Museum, and just being silly together.

About our Family and Home
Our son Andrew is an active and curious toddler. We love experiencing life through his eyes! He loves our dog Stuart, and they have such a special bond. We live in a suburb of Cincinnati, with a great school system and many young families in the neighborhood. The best part is that our family lives just a few blocks away. We are lucky to have a strong support system and extra help when needed.

Thank you so much for considering us as a family for your child. We admire your courage and selflessness as you consider making an adoption plan. We know that our family is not yet complete and look forward to welcoming another child with unconditional love. Please take a look at our family book to get to know us more!

Adam & Liz