Adele & John

Hi! We are Adele and John. We appreciate the bravery you are showing in this decision and are profoundly honored that you’re taking the time to get to know us. Whatever your choice, please know that we wish you all the best, and you have our whole-hearted support. Our home is one of love and laughter, and we would adore the opportunity to welcome a child into it.


About Us

We met in college in 2005 and have been together for 17 years. When we were married in 2011, we moved to a nice suburb of Cincinnati, and have been here ever since. We knew very early on in our relationship that, when we felt ready for a child, we would adopt. When we purchased our house in 2011, we made sure that we would have space for that child and have kept a room set aside since. We’re so excited to welcome a baby into our home!


While we’re home, we enjoy playing games, reading, working on our own forms of art, visiting museums and art galleries, and getting our kayak out onto the water. We also love road trips, though, and make at least two long trips annually, with several long weekends scattered throughout the year. More than anything, we value spending time together discovering new things as a couple.


About John

John grew up in suburban Cincinnati (the same neighborhood we live in now!) with his two parents and younger brother. He works as a software engineer and has been in the field for 12 years. He loves Star Wars, painting miniature figurines, cooking, and comics. He has, unfortunately, already started working on his dad jokes, but making people laugh has always been a talent of his. John has an umbrella cockatoo that adores him and follows him all over the house.


About Adele

Adele grew up in suburban Detroit. Her parents have since moved to northern Michigan (a gorgeous location to which we make at least one trip a year). Her older sister remained in Detroit, but the two are closer now than they ever were. Adele also works as a software engineer and has been in the field for 12 years. She loves sailing, creating resin art, the Renaissance festival (along with any other excuse to dress up in a costume), and collecting rocks and minerals. She has a caique (small parrot) who has an incredibly oversized personality and is always clowning around.


About our Home & Pets

We live in a cute Cape Cod on a cul-de-sac in a lovely, wooded suburb of Cincinnati. We’re a short walk away from our schools, a playground, and a library. On the weekends, we can walk into town and grab a few pastries from our local bakery and sit out on a beautiful village green. Our school district is in the top ten in Ohio and ranked nationally. As a bonus, John’s parents live less than five minutes away.


We have numerous cats, dogs, and the two aforementioned birds. The dogs love playing with kids and the cats love sleeping on or near anyone they can. The birds are mostly curious but hands off. We’re positive that all our pets would come to love any child who is placed in our home!

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