Become an Adoptive Parent

Becoming an adoptive parent can be a great, life changing experience.  Adoption provides a loving, permanent plan for a child’s future and represents a lifelong commitment by the adoptive parent(s).  Caring for Kids, Inc. is dedicated to providing adoptive parents, on the quest to complete their families, with the highest level of support and compassion throughout the entire adoptive process.

Our Process

We work with Public County Children Services across the country to assist in placing children of all ages available for adoption.  In addition, Caring for Kids also has a Private Infant Adoption program assisting expectant parents choosing to make a voluntary adoption plan for their baby.

Adoptive Parent Criteria

Adoptive parents are wonderfully diverse, but there are some things they all have in common!

In order to become an adoptive parent you…

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • May be married, single, or divorced
  • Must have sufficient income to meet the financial needs of the family
  • Must have a willingness to learn and grow from the experience of adopting
  • Must ensure that all family members are in good physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Must be a mature, stable individual who can provide guidance and security to an adopted child
  • Must provide a home whose physical aspects meet Ohio regulations for safety and health
  • Cannot have any convictions for crimes related to spousal abuse, rape, sexual assault, or homicide

Adopting Through Caring for Kids via the Public Child Welfare System

When the County Department of Child Protective Services receives permanent custody of a child or group of siblings they become available for adoption.  There are approximately 107,000 children available for adoption through the Public Child Welfare System in the United States and approximately 4,000 available in Ohio.

Most often, the children available for adoption through the Public Child Welfare System are sibling groups and school age children, ages eight to eighteen.  Some younger children with special medical, emotional, and/or behavioral needs may become available for adoption as well.  Frequently, healthy babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers are adopted by their foster parents.

Public Adoption Program

Our Public Adoption Program staff members work with county agencies across the country to identify and match a child or children available for adoption with an adoptive family.  We will work tirelessly attending match staffing meetings, participating in phone conferences, and advocating for your family.  In order to help you navigate through what can sometimes be a complicated system, we will openly and effectively communicate with your family and the county agency.

The Matching Process

Children are matched with adoptive parents based upon the family’s ability to meet the needs of the child or sibling group.  Once a match is made, the adoptive family and the child or children will be introduced to each other, at which point visitation begins.  When ready, the child or sibling group is placed in the adoptive family’s home for a six month adjustment period before the adoption(s) can be legally finalized.

During this adjustment period, visits from our professional staff will assist both the child or children and your family.  Our goal is to make sure your family is adjusting properly throughout the entire adoptive process.

Once you have been matched with a child or children, Caring for Kids will continue to provide supervision and supportive visits.  At this time, we will help your family prepare for the adoptive finalization as well as assist you with any necessary legal reports and/or referrals.  Please note that while finalizing an adoption your family may incur minimal costs.

Adopting Through the Private Infant Adoption Program

As a licensed custodial placing agency by the state of Ohio, Caring for Kids, Inc. also offers a Private Infant Adoption program.  Birth parents working with our agency are paired with a Birth Parent Counselor who provides supportive services and education regarding the options available to them.  If a birth parent(s) decides adoption is the best option for them as well as their child, we respect their right to select the family they would prefer to adopt their child.

Making an Adoption Plan

Our Birth Parent Counselors, who are all licensed social workers, assist birth mothers in developing an adoption plan, or a loving plan for their child’s future.  This process encourages the birth parent(s) to consider a multitude of factors when choosing an adoptive family.  They must decide what level of openness with the adoptive family they would like to have in the future, choosing either a closed, semi-open, or open adoption plan.

Other factors taken into consideration might include, but are not limited to, religion, other children in the family, educational values, etc.  During the development of an adoption plan, our goal is to assist the birth mother in identifying what is most important to her in an adoptive family.  It is common, although not required, for a birth parent(s) to request an in-person or over the phone interview to help make this difficult decision.

Adoptive Family Requirements

Before adopting, all potential adoptive families must be approved through a home study, which assesses their ability to meet children’s needs.  After a family’s home study has been approved, Caring for Kids will begin the matching process.  Since only they decide who the adoptive parents of their child will be, we ask that you provide a family picture profile book and a letter for the birth parent(s) considering adoption.  You will receive samples and tips on how to prepare a picture profile book as well as a birth parent letter during the pre-adoption training for your home study.

Throughout the entire adoption process, your family you will receive supportive services from our team of experienced social workers.  Working in conjunction with you and the birth parent(s) helps create an adoption plan that is respectful of everyone involved.

Please keep in mind that there are fees associated with the Private Infant Adoption Program for the adoptive family.  To request our fee schedule and more details please Contact Us.