Andrew, Heidi, Brenè, and Alaina

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We understand this must be a challenging time for you. We have so much respect for the strength and bravery it takes to pursue adoption. We are praying for each step and decision you make in this process. We have been married for 11 years and are more in love today then we were 11 years ago. We live in central Ohio and have two beautiful girls Brenè (4) and Alaina (2). We are very involved in our church and our faith is important to us. We love each other dearly and we have a lot of love to give. We hope to meet you soon.

Andrew is a Jack of all trades kind of guy and loves being a dad. Since graduating college, he has worked as a youth pastor, managed a café, and currently works in the real estate department at the county auditor’s office. Andrew’s passion is being able to invest into people and his family. He loves building relationships and getting to know those around him. Andrew enjoys learning more about God and life by studying the Bible and listening to sermons, podcasts and audiobooks. He loves being active outdoors and playing sports including volleyball, skiing and basketball. He plays bass guitar for our church worship team, sings in our community choir, and plays on a community volleyball team. He can’t wait to share these passions with his kids even more than he already does. People would describe Andrew as friendly, service oriented, knowledgeable, and goofy.

Heidi loves life and loves the people around her even more. Heidi is a licensed social worker and works in two local hospitals part-time. She helps patients obtain the resources they need and overcome discharge barriers. Heidi enjoys anything that involves being with her man and her girls and making memories together. Specifically, she enjoys outside activities such as hiking, horseback riding, swing dancing, and wake boarding. She also loves attending live concerts and musical performances although she unfortunately has no musical talents like Andrew does. Heidi loves traveling and new adventures! She is involved in church activities when opportunities arise to do so. She loves spending time with the girls and creating new memories. As a mom she is gentle, loving and understanding. Heidi is known for being compassionate, friendly, proactive. and loves being a mom.

Brené was our first precious gift. She was adopted at birth and we have an open relationship with her birth mother. She is 4 years old now and full of so much life! She loves working on her letters and numbers, doing crafts, and coloring. Brené is shy in large crowds but once you get to know her she has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to tell stories and sing. She is a great big sister to Alaina and loves to be with her as much as she can.

Alaina is our second precious gift! She was a little bit of a surprise. She is outgoing, adventurous and a bundle of joy. She is our learn by experience child and keeps us on our toes. Alaina loves to be helpful and to play with Brené. Her favorite activities are playing with play-do, swinging on the swings, playing with chalk, and reading books. She is our thrill seeker and loves to be chased around the house.

We own a cute ranch in the country with woods in the back and farm fields in the front. It even has a play house and a creek in the back yard to play in. The girls love playing and helping us work outside. We have a cat named Rorie. Heidi and Rorie love to cuddle at night. Sierra is a lab husky mix we adopted from a shelter in February 2016. Sierra is a loving, playful dog who loves our girls and anyone who can throw a ball.

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