Birth Mother Support Services

Caring for Birthmothers features several opportunities for support and healing; Birth Mother Retreats, Pizza Meet-Ups, and Online Support.


Below is a link to our Caring for Birthmothers calendar. Check out important events, the Pizza Meet Up Schedule, Retreat Dates and more! At the bottom right of the calendar click the “+GoogleCalendar” button to add Caring for Birthmother’s Calendar to yours!

Birth Mother Retreats: 

A weekend retreat to provide support for women who have made an adoption plan for their child.  No matter where a birthmother is in her journey, we offer confidential support to all birthmothers.  Our retreat encourages the building of a support network and resources among those who attend. Not only is the retreat for birthmothers, it was designed and is facilitated by birthmothers as well.  The facilitators work their hardest to ensure the retreat is a safe, welcoming environment where birthmothers will have the opportunity to express their thoughts and explore their adoption journey without fear of judgment.  The program emphasizes providing birthmothers with valuable tools to help them continue growing as a person and cope with their adoption in a positive way.

Download our Retreat Brochure, fill it out and mail it to:                      OR                           Click here to sign up for the retreat online
Caring For Birthmothers Retreat
650 Graham Road, Suite 101
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

The Caring for Birthmothers Retreats are sponsored by donations, Women In Touch with Akron’s Needs (WITAN),
The PAIGE Foundation & Caring for Kids, Inc.

Pizza Meet-Ups:

Not sure if you are ready to attend a retreat yet but want to learn more about them and meet new people with similar experiences? We would love for you to join us at a “Pizza Meet-Up” for the opportunity to meet other birthmothers and have fun.  See the images above for upcoming dates where you can enjoy some pizza, friendship, and support.  Reach out to Lori at 330-928-0044 for more details and event locations.

Online Support:

Caring for Kids has created a public Facebook page dedicated specifically for birth mothers which includes resources, positive messages, and information.  We have also created a private group that allows for online support in an accepting, positive, and more confidential way.  Many birthmothers have begun utilizing this support and we hope you also join us and get involved!

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Contact Lori Scobee (330-928-0044) if you would like to be included in the private Facebook support group!


Meet our Birth Parent Leaders!

Lori Scobee, LSW – Lori is a birthmother who made an adoption plan for her daughter in 1989. Her adoption is closed and she is not (yet!) in reunion with her daughter. Lori has been married for 20 years and is parenting 2 daughters. She has been a social worker for over 20 years and now works as a Birth Parent Counselor at Caring for Kids.

Caroline McDermott, Birthmother – Caroline is the birthmother of Abby, whom she made an adoption plan for in 2012, in an open adoption. She understands the needs of birthmothers who have recently placed a child. Caroline is a swim coach and teacher and enjoys helping others learn and grow.

Lauren Bujorian, Birthmother – Lauren is the birthmother of Miles, whom she made an open adoption plan for in 2013. Lauren is also an adoptee in reunion with her birth family. She strongly supports post placement care for birthmothers, and breaking the stereotypes surrounding them. Lauren enjoys sharing her perspective of being both an adoptee and a birthparent. Lauren enjoys making new friends in the adoption community and learning about other people’s passions.

See what former retreat participants are saying…

Yes, I would recommend this to other birthmothers because it actually worked and made me stronger.
Great to know there are other people in the same situation.
It was SO therapeutic. Had a wonderful time. Thank you again!
The counselors are great! And the girls who came are strong and wonderful women.
I felt all of the sessions were applicable to my situation and being around other people who have been through the same experience as you is very comforting.
Yes, I would recommend the retreat to other birthmothers because it would give them peace of mind and confidence and a new outlook on their own situation!
Everyone needs this support!


Sponsor a Birthmother

Caring for Kids desires our retreat to be accessible to all birthmothers who have made an adoption plan.  It is our philosophy that birthmothers do not have to pay to attend.

Caring for Kids pays the $100 fee for our birthmothers that would like to participate in the retreat. We encourage other adoption agencies to register their birthmothers for our retreat or offer sponsorships. Any financial support you can give will be appreciated!  For private sponsors who have a specific birthmother in mind, we will gladly honor your request; please let us know who you would like to sponsor on the registration form below. Fill out the form below to sponsor a birthmother.

  • Please know that if the birthmother you requested above is unable to attend, your donation will be used to send another birthmother to the retreat.
From our experience, the support network retreats provide is a huge benefit to birthmothers. We have heard from several birthmothers that these retreats were more helpful for them than any counseling they had received.  It is our hope that we create a positive and supportive retreat that meets a need, in some way, of every birthmother that attends.

We thank you for your consideration of these strong, selfless women – whose tremendous sacrifice and courage to make an adoption plan for their child deserves our ongoing encouragement and support.

We welcome your questions!  Please feel free to call or email Lori Scobee at or Jill Davies at

Caring for Birthmothers Mission Statement:

Caring for Birthmothers is a Post-Placement Program that strives to promote a sense of ongoing community, understanding and support tailored to a birthmother’s unique needs after making an adoption plan for their child.



facebook Connect with us on our Caring for Birthmothers Facebook page