Can You Change Your Mind About Putting Your Baby Up For Adoption?


A very common question birthparents have is whether or not you can change your mind at any point during your adoption planning. The good news is that you can change your mind, before or after birth and as long as nothing permanent has been signed. After your baby is born, legally you must wait at least 72 hours to sign any permanent legal documents – and additional time is always available if you need more time to make your decision.

At Any Point During Your Adoption Planning, You May Wonder, ‘Can I Change My Mind?’

Deciding to put your child up for adoption is not always an easy choice. Maybe you’re feeling that adoption could help your child have a better life. You might not feel financially or emotionally ready to raise a child or having a baby could disrupt your plans for the future. However, feelings can change at any point, and doubts can start to arise. You are not alone — Thousands of people before you have had the same thoughts; some continued with the adoption process, while others decided to shift their focus to parenting. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, and as a birthparent, you have the right to make decisions for your child – even when you’re working with an adoption agency or counselor. To make an informed decision for you and your child, the best thing to do is gather all of the information about your options.

This Important Decision Is Ultimately Your Choice

Exploring your options does not commit you to an adoption plan in any way. You will be in control of this process, and it is your decision whether or not you want to proceed with the adoption plan. Your mind may change over the course of the pregnancy or you might determine after the birth of the baby, that you want to parent instead of giving your baby up for adoption. Regardless of what you feel, you should never feel pressured in any direction. If at any point you feel that parenting your child is the right choice or even if you now feel unsure about the adoptive family, you can share your concerns with us. Our goal is to educate you about your options and guide you so you can feel confident about making an informed decision for you and your baby. This means that you will never be forced or pressured into giving your baby up for adoption.

Fear And Confusion Could Play A Role In Changing Your Mind, But Caring For Kids is Here To Help

Fear and confusion are not necessarily bad feelings to have while exploring an adoption plan.  It happens in every other area of our life as well. What you have to keep in mind at all times is that these feelings should not push you into making a rushed decision. You should always have people you can count on talk through the fear and confusion. Support groups, legal guidance, counseling, and many other resources are available for birthparents who are considering adoption. You can communicate your concerns, ask for guidance, and in most cases speak with other parents who have already made an adoption plan for their child. This means that wherever you are in your adoption journey, whether you are just finding out that you are pregnant or you have already delivered your baby, there will be people you can count on to share their experiences with you and help you make informed decisions for your future and the future of your baby.


Do You Have More Questions About Putting Your Child Up For Adoption?

You can keep reading our resources to find out relevant information about putting your baby up for adoption, and you can contact CFK at any time to discuss what making an adoption plan can look like for you. Our services are free, confidential, and without any obligation.

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