Can You Choose Your Baby’s Adoptive Family?

Choosing to place your baby for adoption can be difficult, and a common question is how do you know if they will be placed with a loving family? Choosing the right adoptive family for your baby is a very important decision you have to make when considering adoption for your child.

As the birth parent of the baby, you can choose your baby’s adoptive family if you want. If you do not want to choose your child’s family, you can ask the agency to select an approved adoptive family. The reality is, either way, you are in control of this decision.


What Does This Look Like?

You are right to feel cautious about choosing the adoptive family for your baby. Unlike adoptions in the past, in which birthparents had little to no choice about the baby’s adoption, there are now some common practices that allow you to decide the right family, and even speak with them about your expectations.


Open adoption

Open adoptions have become common practice in adoption due to the benefits for all individuals involved with adoption. In open adoptions, birth parents and adoptive parents can agree upon the amount of contact that takes place throughout the child’s life. Although open adoptions are not legally enforceable in Ohio, the amount of contact can range from email exchanges and occasional phone calls to face to face visits.


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What’s Important to You

As you explore adoption, part of the process is voicing what’s important to you in a prospective adoptive family. Your counselor will talk to you about what aspects of a family are important to you. Openness wishes are one of the main factors in helping your counselor find potential families for you to review. Families presented to you as options should have the same desire for ongoing contact that you have. Other criteria will also be discussed such as family make up, religion, race, and other unique desires you may have.


Adoptive Family Profiles

The process of selecting a family can be intense and involved, but all efforts put into this decision are focused on love and security for your child. Some parents opt to ask the agency to select the adoptive family. If that is your preference, we feel it is still important to talk with you about what may be important to you in a family. Our job is to respect your wishes for the adoption plan and put you at ease. We are happy to guide you through this in whatever direction you choose.


Once you’ve shared your wishes with the counselor, they will connect with families and allow you to begin looking at adoptive family profiles to learn about waiting families. This can occur at any point in the pregnancy or even after birth. You let your counselor know when you’re ready to begin this part of the process. Adoptive families create profiles to allow you to get an idea of who they are. These unique books share photos and information about the adoptive family and their support system. If the family is working with Caring for Kids, you can rest assured that they have been pre-screened and approved.


After reviewing the profiles, you will be given the option to interview a family or multiple families. This will allow you the opportunity to meet face to face with the family you are considering for your child. Families can discuss their hopes for the future, and the counselor supporting all of you will be present to ensure that conversations surround openness and other important topics are discussed.


Click here to find online profiles of our waiting families.


Caring For Kids, Inc.

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