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Sarah & Andrew

Hello! Before we tell you about ourselves, we want to let you know that we admire you so much for choosing life and for considering adoption. We are humbled that you have taken the time to click on our profile and may be considering us as potential parents for your child. Please be [...]

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Rich & Cathie

Hello ~ While we are only starting to learn about each other right now, we can say with certainty that you are brave and strong. We realize this journey is a difficult road for you as it takes an incredible amount of courage, intelligence, selflessness, and love to want to do what is [...]

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Nick & Libby

Hi! We are Nick & Libby. Since we met 10 years ago, our lives have been eventful and fulfilling. We have known both joy and sorrow. These experiences have helped us grow as people and as parents (we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Claire in 2016). We are an energetic family who [...]

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Nick and Emily

Hello, We are Emily & Nick, and we are excited that you are taking the time to take a peek into our life and consider us in your adoption plan. Family is the foundation of our lives. We have 3 wonderful children Abby, Danny and Casey who are extremely eager to be adding [...]

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Tyler and Kristin

We are excited to introduce our family to you! Although it is difficult to capture all that we would like to in just a few paragraphs, it is our hope that this will help you learn a bit about us, our family, and the love and memories that we share together. We believe [...]

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Wes & Miriam

Introduction We are Wes and Miriam. Thank you kindly for reading our profile. We are incredibly grateful and very excited to share our life with you in these few short pages. Our hearts are full of hope and excitement to meet our child soon. It’s wonderful and scary at the same time. We [...]

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Scott & Amanda

About Us Hello! We are Scott and Amanda. We got married in 2015 and in 2016 we decided we were ready to start our family. We learned infertility treatments would be the only way we could get pregnant. Unfortunately several cycles of IVF proved to be unsuccessful. We learned more about adoption and [...]

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Jim and Elizabeth

Hello We believe everything happens for a reason. There is a reason you are reading our profile. There is a reason our paths are crossing at this time. Adoption is something we have been preparing our hearts for, and it is time to start this chapter in our story. We are Jim and [...]

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Jeff & Lindsay

1: Introduction We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We admire your courage to make an adoption plan. The journey of adoption is about LOVE first because love is about making a choice. We've already chosen to love our future baby. Like most couples, we thought [...]

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John & Fallon

Hello we are John and Fallon. We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little more. We are humbled by and admire your courageous decision in choosing an adoption plan for you and your child. We adopted our son Lincoln at birth and adoption is [...]

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