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Birthdate: April 2009 Connor is an intelligent boy with a hidden sense of humor who seems older than his years. He loves to read chapter books like the Harry Potter series, and engage in active play. His favorite subject is science; he shows great aptitude in it. Connor is fascinated by figuring out how things [...]

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Birthdate: August 2003 Paige is a smart girl who likes creating crafts, journaling, and reading, especially mystery and suspense novels. She loves to shop and dress in the latest fashions. Paige also love cars and would like to pursue a career as a mechanic. Paige would like to become more involved with her [...]

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Birthdate: June 2008 William is a young man who enjoys drawing, artwork, pets (especially dogs), video games, wrestling, working on cars, gardening, and other physical activities. He also loves being outdoors. William cares about his school performance. His reading level historically has been above his current grade level. William is affectionate and receptive to accepting [...]

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  Birthdate: October 2003 Taylor is an engaging and articulate young lady. She can appear to have very calm demeanor but can also be very enthusiastic. Taylor is responsible and respectful. Taylor loves listening to music and cooking, and taking selfies. She enjoys playing basketball and his hoping to play for a school [...]

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Cheyenne and Benjamin

  Birthdate: July 2006 and November 2007 Cheyenne is a very pleasant young girl. She is very caring and worries about others. She enjoys being active, and likes to participate in dance, and after school sports. She also loves to draw and write with her favorite gel pens. Cheyenne loves animals, especially dogs, [...]

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Birthdate: June 2004 Logan loves art projects, especially cutting coupons. Although he isn’t an outdoorsy person, he does like gardening and wants to learn how to fish. Logan also loves to ride in cars and watch television. He absolutely loves playing video games especially ones that pertain to cars. He is also into [...]

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Birthdate: November 2000 Alexis is an energetic, intelligent, compassionate, and sensitive teenager. She has a witty sense of humor. She’s adventurous and enjoys learning new things. She has hopes to be a 911 dispatcher or work as a paramedic. She has a love for animals, especially, walruses. She is very artistic and wishes [...]

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Birthdate: January 2004 Isaac is an inquisitive and friendly boy. He loves to play video games, build with Legos and play with transformers. Isaac requires additional supports in the school setting. He will need to continue with therapeutic services to address past trauma and loss. Isaac deserves a family who will accept him, and nurture [...]

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  Birthdate: February 2003 Talishia is very bonded with her foster mom and currently lives with two of her olders sisters, and would need continued contact with her as she transitions into a new home. She is part of a large sibling group, including three younger brothers who are in need of an adoptive [...]

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Michael, Jamon, Jamarion

Birthdates Michael : March 2006             Jamon : November 2009         Jamarion: August 2010 These siblings are a joy to be around, are full of energy, and are bonded well with each other. Each of these young boys has their own individual personalities, strengths and needs. All three children receive at least one type of [...]

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