Birthdate: January 2002 Michael is a smart young man who loves to explore. He has an inquisitive mind and enjoys finding answers to his questions. Michael loves animals and can list the many pets he has known throughout his life. Michael would like a family who owns pets and who likes to be [...]

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Birthdate: November 2004 Jaynell can be very cuddly and he craves relationships with people. He likes one-on-one contact with his caregivers. Jaynell is an excellent artist and his drawing skills are highly advanced for his age. Jaynell is highly competitive and enjoys participating in any sport that keeps him active. Jaynell is an [...]

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Birthdate: October 2004 This beautiful little boy will greet you with a smile. Karmelo’s eyes sparkle with joy when he is greeted by others. He has severe developmental delays and requires full time 24 hour care. Karmelo is in need of a loving and compassionate home. He has made some mile stones recently [...]

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Birthdate: April 2001 Terrez has a smile that lights up a room and will capture your heart. Terrez is very well spoken and polite. He loves basketball, video games and anything that keeps him busy. He enjoys eating out and watching sports in person. Terrez takes great pride in his appearance and clothing. [...]

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Birthdate: December 2001 Lequan is a boy that is happiest outside – he loves to roller skate, play basketball, ride his bike, skateboard – you name it and he’ll try it. You’ve never seen persistence like his when learning new things – he will practice something endlessly until he’s mastered it. He craves [...]

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Birthdate: August 2001 Jamall is a polite, kind young man who really hopes to find his forever family. Jamall is developmentally delayed and attends special education classes. He will need a family that will be a strong educational advocate to be sure his needs are being met. Jamall loves to play video games [...]

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Devontae is a charming, handsome young man with special needs. Devontae is autistic and attends a school for children with developmental disabilities. He is very fun to be with and has a great sense of humor. Devontae makes a whole room laugh!! He loves to play football catch, and this activity calms him [...]

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Birthdate: September 2001 Jeremiah is a sweet and charming 17 year old. He is eager to receive praise and attention. He wants to please adults and be accepted by his peers. He loves sports and especially loves football. Jeremiah enjoys attending all sporting events. Jeremiah is very competitive and becomes upset if he [...]

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