Chris and Nellie

Hello! We are Chris, Nellie, Evie and our fur babies Bella and Abbie. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about us. We know that you have the most difficult decision ahead of you and admire the selflessness it takes to choose adoption.

We were married in 2005 and struggled through many years of infertility. God opened our eyes and hearts to adoption and blessed us with our little girl, Evie, in 2018. We were so fortunate to build a relationship with her birthmom prior to her birth and be there when Evie was born. We continue to have a strong relationship with Evie’s birthfamily and feel that God truly brought us all together to grow our family in ways we never could have imagined!

Chris is a high school social studies teacher and head football coach in our little town. So you can imagine our weekends are full of a lot of sports! Nellie is a District Media Specialist for a neighboring school district, so reading is a daily activity in our household. We are so fortunate to both work for a school system so we have our holidays and summers off. It allows us to spend a lot of time together. In the summers, we enjoy going to the playground, splashpad, pool and zoo. Our winters are a chance to watch a lot of sports, play in the snow, sit by the fireplace and visit with family and friends.

Our community is a smaller community with old school values. Most days you will find kids outside playing basketball or riding their bikes. We live in walking distance to 3 parks, the splashpad, the school and the library. We like to spend as much time outside as possible. Sports are huge in our area and there is a lot of healthy competition. There are no strangers and you can bet that anywhere you go, the people there will greet you with a friendly smile and hello.

In addition to us humans, we have 2 dogs that have been our fur babies for 12 years. While they look like biological siblings, they are not. We got Bella as a puppy from a family friend in 2008. She is definitely the Diva of the family and prefers to be inside and still plays like she is a pup. A year later, we rescued Abbie as a 1 year old and she is our cuddler and Nellie’s shadow. While we were a little worried about how they would adjust to a baby when we brought Evie home, they have been amazing! They love her so much and warmed up to her quickly.

We are so excited to be starting our adoption journey again and can’t wait to see who God will bring into our lives! Evie is now 2 1/2 and she can’t wait to have a sibling. She has the biggest heart of any toddler we know. No matter where we are, she is the first to go up to other kids and try to welcome them and share with them. She loves to give kisses and play with other kids. We can’t wait for her to love on a brother or sister!

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