Chris & Kari

1: Introduction

Hello! We are Chris & Kari from Columbus, Ohio. While most people might talk about hobbies on their first dates, we actually discussed adoption on ours! Little did we know that each of us had a few adopted cousins and had thought about adopting in the future. After years of struggling with infertility, we returned to that initial discussion we had on our first date and decided to pursue adoption to grow our family!

For years, we have spoiled our nieces, nephews and our friend’s children and are so excited about the opportunity to finally become parents! We cannot wait to share our unconditional love with a child and to raise her/him with an open mind and generous heart. We are looking forward to having an open relationship with you, so that she/he can know great love from all of their parents and family!

2: About Us

We first met in college and became friends. After graduation, we bumped into each other every few years and eventually started dating. Before their first date, Kari was already telling everyone that she would marry Chris. Kari’s prediction came true and we got married in 2014. We feel lucky and blessed to have found each other, even if it did take about 10 years before we realized it! We know all good things are worth the wait, and we know that our wait to become parents will be well worth it, too!

3: About Chris (Written by Kari)

Chris is one of the most fun-loving people I know. At any given moment, he is known to break into dance, compose a silly song or come up with an awful dad-joke. He is kind, big-hearted and humble.

Chris has a special way of making each person he meets feel special. He knows no strangers, especially in a room full of kids. He’s known to dress up as Santa every Christmas Eve, hold impromptu easter egg hunts in the backyard, create magical wands out of the glow sticks, and build exploding volcanoes for our friends’ kids. He’s always thinking about how to make each experience exciting for kids.

He also has a heart for serving. Each year he leads a large food drive supporting our local food pantry. He also loves sports and volunteers as a Special Olympics Soccer and Basketball coach. His athletes love him because he makes each of them feel like they are the greatest soccer or basketball player in the whole world. Chris also volunteers at the zoo and teaches kids about all the different animals. His excitement and passion for animals is contagious!

Chris brings excitement and joy to any situation he enters, even as an accountant. He loves to adventure and experience new places and cultures. But more than anything, Chris loves his family and friends.

4: About Kari (Written by Chris)

Kari is the most giving individual you will ever meet. It’s hard to imagine how she can still be so giving after working at a nonprofit all day. Some people watch television or read books with their free time, but Kari is constantly seeking to help others instead. Every Thursday night, she volunteers at our local food pantry. On a weekly basis, she volunteers her time for a dog rescue, driving all over Ohio rescuing dogs in need. She is also always there for her friends. She has spent nights and even taken time off work to babysit friend’s children for extended periods of time.

Kari is amazing with children. They absolutely adore her! For years, Kari oversaw our church’s children’s ministry, and every kid would glow when she was around. She is playful and silly with them and can always get a laugh. She is also educational with children, which reflects the many years she was a teacher. Our closest friends all have young children and Kari is constantly the fan favorite at any gathering. She plays games like tag or hide-and-go-seek with the children. She’ll encourage laughter and happiness through jokes and play. She’s the first to volunteer a story at the end of the night during wind-down-time. While other adults are ignored at friendly gatherings, Kari is sought after from the children, as she is always fun and the favorite.

5: About our Home and Dog

We live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family. Whether your child is interested in sports, science, animals, art, dance or the outdoors, we have an attraction within 20 minutes! We live in a diverse neighborhood with lots of young families. All of the necessities are just a few blocks away, such as, an ice cream shop, pizza place, donut factory, library, park and school. While we love where we live, we also love to travel and explore new places and cultures.

We are a household that believes that all individuals are equal, no matter what. We also believe that it is our responsibility to make this world a better place by loving others through acts of service. We hope to foster a love of the similarities and differences that make us each unique while instilling a love of helping others.

We adopted our dog, Elway, when she was 9-months old, after she was found as a stray. She’s a black lab, boxer mix. We love doing anything that brings her joy, including lots of walks, hiking trips, and hours of scratches! She’s the perfect family dog. She is smart, loving, loyal, and terrific with kids!

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