Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!  Although we can’t imagine what you’re going through, we can only imagine how overwhelming this time in your life must be.  We want you to know we think you’re incredibly brave and loving to be making a choice for adoption.  You can rest assured that if you choose us as adoptive parents we will provide the most loving and caring environment for your child that we can. 


About Us:

We met while we were both in high school and we feel so fortunate not only to have met each other so early in life but also to have grown together over the years.  We dated just over 4 years before we were married and we’ve been together 19 years now!  Family time is very important to us and we prioritize our time to be able to spend it together.  Being together is the best part of our day.  Outside we enjoy playing at the park, heading to the zoo, swimming at the pool, picnics, boating, camping, tennis, downhill skiing, sledding, yard games, family bike rides, walks and hikes together.  Inside, we love playing games, puzzles, cards, reading, art projects, heading to the aquarium, going to plays/musicals, roller-skating, bowling, music and movies.  We eat dinner together every night, often take a family walk and our son’s (Caden) bedtime routine includes reading 3-4 books together as well as saying night time prayers as a family.

My husband (Phil) is one of the most honest, loving, intelligent, hard-working men I know and his wonderful sense of humor can always brighten my day.  He is very affectionate and I love that even after 15 years of marriage he still wants to hold my hand.  Phil is a wonderful and amazing father.  He is loving, patient and the kind of father who initiates play.  He has just as much imagination as the kids, engages with them in activities and enjoys teaching them something new.  Phil works as a physician assistant in Orthopedics four days a week.

My wife (Christina) is honest, loving, genuine, warm, compassionate, affectionate, intelligent, and understanding.  She always has time for family and friends.  Christina is a natural when it comes to parenting and her kind, gentle spirit makes her an amazing mother.  She is a great planner of activities and loves to get Caden involved with even the simplest of tasks.  Christina has a wonderful playful imagination and can make any activity an adventure, a gift that I love that she is passing on to our son.  Christina works as a physician assistant in Dermatology one day a week and is home caring for our son on the remaining days.


Our Son:

We were blessed by adopting our son Caden when he was 3 weeks old.  He is now 3 years old and our love for him is beyond our wildest expectations.  We have been delighted to see how all of our family and friends have welcomed him into our family with open arms.  Caden is a fun, loving, affectionate little boy who loves animals, trains and cars, reading books, listening to music, doing puzzles and playing outside with his friends and cousins.  Caden has a wonderful hearty laugh, a kind sweet spirit and an engaging playful imagination.  His presence in our lives has brought us incredible joy and helping him explore the world has been a wonderful experience for both of us.  Caden is very excited to become a big brother!

We started talking to Caden about adoption and his birth family from the very beginning. 

Caden’s birth family holds a special place in both his heart and ours and we all feel very blessed to have them in our family.  Our relationship with them is an excellent example of all the positives of an open adoption.  We visit them in Ohio at least once a year and we communicate with them via letters, emails, text and phone calls throughout the year.  We also have a private Facebook page with them which has been wonderful as it has allowed us to easily share with them photos, videos, new activities and developmental milestones as they happen. 


Our Home:

We own a four bedroom, three bath home on over an acre of land in a great little neighborhood just outside of a small town in Wisconsin.  Because we are on the edge of town we get to enjoy seeing wildlife in our back yard regularly.  We have a great neighborhood with lots of children, room to play, several nearby parks and a community pool.  We have 9 fruit trees and 15 raspberry bushes and Caden loves to help take care of them.

We are thankful to be growing our family through adoption and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us better.  We look forward to providing a child with a good home where they can grow and flourish in every way, surrounded by unconditional love, support and encouragement.