Chuck & Brittany

Hi! We are Chuck and Brittany. We want to first start out with a hug, as we know this has been the hardest decision you have had to make. Your precious baby comes first in your eyes, and that is something that is so powerful and amazing to give to them!

A little bit about ourselves. Chuck and I both work in the schools. Chuck is an assistant principal and I am a behavior specialist. We have a passion for building relationships with kids and allowing them to reach their goals! We also both love food, Disney, and travel. Chuck loves sports and I love crafting.

We live in a suburb of Cleveland with our two boys and two cats. Both of our sons are adopted, and are ages 4 and 3. We adopted them as infants. They have both been a true blessing and we have learned so much from each of their silly, caring, and joyful personalities. The boys right now love Disney movies, riding their tricycles, and playing at the playground. They both would love to have another sibling to come along in their fun!

As a family, we love going on adventures! We love going to the beach, amusement parks, and going to the playground. We really make an effort to make as many memories as possible together. Trying new things and seeing new places is a must with our family. We also have a large extended family, so our boys love going to visit grandparents, aunts,uncles, and cousins.

We want to thank you for taking the time to know a little bit about us and we know whatever choice you make was based on your heart and best for your little one!

Lots of Love!
Brittany and Chuck

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