Hello, we are Sarah and Donald, and we want to thank you for considering us in your adoption plan.

About us:
We both work in the field of education. Sarah is an educational assistant/building testing coordinator for an elementary school. Donald teaches math at an OSU regional campus and at a local community college. Donald has a passion for reading and learning. He visits the library several times a week and loves diving into a new book! Sarah enjoys crafting, going to exercise class, dinners and lunches with friends and family and relaxing at the pool when the weather is nice. Both of us enjoy staying active by walking and exploring the various nature trails and parks that are near where we live.

Shortly after we got married in 2011, we were ready to start a family but learned that it would be difficult for Sarah to conceive. We tried various infertility treatments for 5 years without conceiving and decided that we could still become a loving and growing family through adoption.

Our pet:
We got our dog Annie (an 18-pound puggle) in 2010 as a rescue from a local animal shelter. She has been a special part of our family, and we probably spoil her too much. She has several “outfits” that she doesn’t seem to enjoy much, but we enjoy dressing her in a sweater when it is cold outside because she is so cute!