Birthdate: August 2001

Jamall is a polite, kind young man who really hopes to find his forever family. Jamall is developmentally delayed and attends special education classes. He will need a family that will be a strong educational advocate to be sure his needs are being met. Jamall loves to play video games and listen to music. He enjoys things most boys his age do such as playing outside, fishing, sports, and swimming. Jamall is inquisitive and fun to engage in conversation. He is outgoing and friendly, and gets along well with others. He is eager to learn new things, and loves opportunities to try something new.

Jamall would do really well in a family in which he is the youngest child. He needs a family that can commit to him and provide him with the nurturing family that he deserves.

For more information about Jamall, contact:

Stephanie Novak at (330) 928-0044 or

or his worker, Gary Kempson, at (216) 881-4687.