Birthdate: November 2004

Jaynell can be very cuddly and he craves relationships with people. He likes one-on-one contact with his caregivers. Jaynell is an excellent artist and his drawing skills are highly advanced for his age. Jaynell is highly competitive and enjoys participating in any sport that keeps him active. Jaynell is an early riser and wakes around 7 o’clock a.m. He is able to stay on task and complete his morning routine. He is responsible and after school he comes home and does home work right away.

Jaynell can be polite and respectful, however he is easily triggered and can become aggressive and hostile if he is feeling threatened. He can become afraid in crowds of people i.e. gatherings of large crowds and standing in line waiting for the bus. When he is afraid he may bite, kick, and show people his fist as if he is going to fight.

Jaynell loves to play wherever he can; in his room, out in the yard or with others in the home. Jaynell is in need of a family who has structure and can be patient with him while he continues to work on developing appropriate social skills and interaction with peers and adults.

To learn more about making Jaynell a part of your family Please contact:

Laura Merklin, MSW
Caring for Kids, Inc.