1: Introduction- We want to bring another child/ren into our lives and grow our family. We both grew up with siblings and are very close to them. We want our kids to experience that.
As parents, we have had so much support, from grandparents to aunts and uncles to extended family and friends. Our children are and will be surrounded by lots of love—and lots of kids! We are so ready to grow our family. Our son, Jackson, is ready to be a big brother.

2: About Us- We are a married couple that and have been together for almost 10 years. We–our family and our friends–deeply care about one another and we have a ball together. Travel together. Eat mountains of food together. We love to cook (we plan dinner while we’re eating lunch). We love to explore the outdoors and check out new places. And, of course, goof off 🙂 We have a kind, funny, caring & feisty boy, Jackson, who is four. He is super excited for a brother or sister- or both!

3: About Him (by Jennifer)- Loves to tell terrifically awful dad jokes, hugely patient and kind. Kids gravitate to him. He usually has one hanging from each limb at family gatherings.
I not only love him to absolute pieces, but admire him, adore him and respect him. I struck gold with this man. Our son looks at him with his heart thumping out of his chest.

4: About Her- (by Patrick) A kind, nurturing mother who has a true flair and passion for cooking. Jennifer has taught me so much about the simple joys of life and is always pushing the family to new adventures.
I was immediately drawn toward her beautiful, witty personality and have never looked back. I am truly lucky to have found such a wonderful woman to share my life with.

5: About our Home/Pets- We live on a quiet cul-de-sac, the neighborhood surrounded by woods. The Cleveland Metroparks are just down the road. The school bus comes just up the road for the kids in the neighborhood. Our neighbor across the street always brings over trinkets for Jackson. We took our time to find the right house for us, and plan on waving to our grandkids from the front porch 🙂 We have two rescue pups, Maggi and Zoe. Maggi enjoys going on runs; while Zoe enjoys trying to steal treats. Both are sweethearts that love Jackson and all his friends.