Birthdate: September 2001

Jeremiah is a sweet and charming 17 year old. He is eager to receive praise and attention. He wants to please adults and be accepted by his peers. He loves sports and especially loves football. Jeremiah enjoys attending all sporting events. Jeremiah is very competitive and becomes upset if he loses, this is something he is working on. Jeremiah loves to draw and is a fabulous artist. He usually has drawing books and pencils so he can draw regularly. He enjoys working on his Lifebook often. He loves music, movies, video games and visiting his siblings.

Jeremiah has great manners and uses them when out in the community. He enjoys going out to eat and Steak and Shake is his favorite restaurant. He often receives compliments about what a nice young man he is! He will hold open doors and address others as “Sir” and “Mam”.

Jeremiah would do best in a home that does not have other children and has consistency and a laid back atmosphere. Jeremiah has suffered many losses, and is working through these in therapy. He needs a family that will be committed to him 100%. Jeremiah will need to continue in therapy to address his behavioral issues. Jeremiah needs a family that can advocate for him in school and that will encourage him to do his best. Could you be Jeremiahs forever family?

For more information about Jeremiah, contact:

Denise Barczyk, at (330) 928-0044 or at

or his worker, Karen Greenberg, at (330) 379-1990 or at