Jeremy and Claire

Our names are Jeremy and Claire we have three children already their names are Lorelai (10), Sadie (5), and Maximus (2).

About Us
We got married in December of 2006 right before Jeremy deployed to Iraq for over a year. He returned right before our eldest daughter Lorelai was born in September of 2008. After she was born Claire graduated from Kent State in 2009 with her Bachelor’s in Business Management. Jeremy started college the following year and graduate from Akron University in 2013 with his Bachelor’s in Construction Engineering. That same year Sadie was born in October and we became a family of four. Since then Jeremy has become the sole provider for the family while Claire is at home with our kids. Our youngest Maximus was born in November of 2016 he arrived a little bit early but has since caught up quickly to his sisters. We enjoy spending time together as a family watching sports, traveling, and spending time outside. We put a high focus on education with our kids because we know that it is what can open many doors in the future for them. We like to travel and explore historical areas of the country, but we also take a family vacation to Disney World every year that is something the kids look forward to every year.

About Him
Jeremy loves his job as a Transportation Engineer. As the sole provider for our family he takes his role very seriously and works to always be at the top of his career. He likes to keep busy so in addition to working full time he is also a student at Kent State University in their Master’s in Public Administration Program and he is also running for a City Council seat in our city in the November 2019 Election. One of my favorite things about Jeremy is the passion that he puts into whatever he is pursuing at that moment. He is continually striving to learn more and by doing so he sets forth a excellent example for our children. When he is not working he enjoys watching sports and attending sporting events. He likes to play an active role in doing homework because he wants to ensure that our children understand the value of education. I lean on Jeremy because he is extremely strong and he will always be my best friend. I am very blessed and grateful to call him my husband and the father of our children.

About Her
Claire is the CEO of the household. Without her vision and direction it would not function the way it should. Claire’s dedication to everything she undertakes is second to none, she is the embodiment of what a strong leader should be. This year will mark 13 wonderful years of marriage with Claire, I love my wife because she is all that I am not: smart, sophisticated, intelligent, beautiful and my best friend. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am now. To describe Claire as “Awesome” would be a serious understatement. She’s so much more than awesome, she’s a role model for our daughters and what they should strive to be like as they grow up. She’s more than awesome, she’s a true inspiration. In addition to managing our household, Claire is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Kent State University. Claire is fully and courageously committed to living the best and most fun life imaginable. What I love most about my wife is, her strength, her humility, her spirit, her passion, and simply her presence.

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