First and foremost, thank you so much for granting us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We hope that when looking through our storybook, we can offer you a glimpse into our lives, a life we hope to share with your unborn child. We can not begin to express the gratitude we feel for your decision to love your child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for him/her, even more, that you are considering us as an option for that life. We know that this is a very difficult decision, and we want you to know that although we’ve never met, we share a commonality…You are graciously choosing the path of adoption and we are choosing the path to adopt…both actions are based on LOVE!

Our names are Jeremy and Jolene. We met twelve years ago and were married nine years ago, in 2009. Our time together has been eventful and fulfilling. We’ve been blessed to share many exciting adventures with each other, our families, and our friends. We have travelled to many areas, near and far. We have pursued rewarding careers that allow us to serve our communities. We have established a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood.

In 2016, we were blessed with the gift of adopting Bryce who has brought so much joy. He truly had changed our lives, and we look forward to having the opportunity of giving Bryce the gift of a sister or brother.

We look forward to, and anxiously await, the ability to welcome a new chapter of our lives with open arms. Together, we will provide this child with unconditional and never-ending love, a lifetime surrounded by supportive family and friends, and an environment that is always positive and encouraging.

Words cannot express how happy we are with the possibility of this opportunity. We hope that you will see all we have to offer by looking through our photographs and reading about our lives. We hope that our storybook will help you find comfort in knowing how much we want to share our lives with another child.

Forever grateful,
Jeremy and Jolene

About Us
We met twelve years ago while Jolene was teaching Jeremy’s niece. Jeremy’s sister was insistent that we must meet. Out first date was a watching a local sporting event and talking about the passion we have for our family, friends, community, and careers. We were a perfect match from the start and shared so many of the same goals and aspirations. Our lives since then have been full of happiness and love. We always knew we wanted a family and have tried to get pregnant on numerous occasions with numerous rounds of infertility treatments. Although infertility was hard news to deal with, we now know our true calling in life- Adoption. We were beyond blessed with our first child, Bryce in 2016 through adoption. We have a wonderful open relationship with his birth-mother and her family. We are truly excited about the opportunity to continue growing our family!

About Him
What I love about Jeremy:
Twelve years ago when I met Jeremy, my life changed for the better. He has brought a new level of happiness to my life as my partner, my husband, Bryce’s father, and my best friend. In all of life’s situations, Jeremy helps me see the positive and learn from every experience. In times when I am at my lowest point, Jeremy lifts me up and gives me strength. Jeremy sees the best in every situation and brings laughter and excitement to everyday situations. He has been there to help me celebrate life’s wonderful moments, and has been my rock in hard times. When I married Jeremy, I knew I was marrying a man who would celebrate every moment in life with me. For that I am so blessed.

About Her
What I Love About Jolene:
I am so grateful to have the opportunity to write about my wife and how very influential and inspirational she has been in my life. Since my first meeting with Jolene, she has changed my life for the better. Jolene is the most caring, generous, loving, thoughtful and kind person that I know and I love her very much. She is my best friend and my biggest supporter. She makes me and all those that she comes in contact with better people. She has extend this amazing ability to her role as a mother.

She is a wonderful and devoted daughter, sister, mother, wife and teacher. She takes so many of the principles she has learned in these roles and extends them to her everyday life. I marvel at her ability to make everybody she comes into contact with feel loved and welcome.

Jolene is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it is helping at school, around the house, being a mother or supporting me through difficult life situations. I know she will always be there to support her family at every turn. She is our support system and without her I often wonder where we would be in life.

I can honestly say that I was in the dark before I met her and now my life is full of light. I am truly blessed.

About our Home/Pets
We live in a very family friendly neighbor that is close to many parks, wonderful restaurants and our family and friends. Our home has two stories, finished basement and four bedrooms and a beautiful backyard. We love spending time with friends and family in our backyard or a quiet dinner on our patio. We have made our house a home and look forward to adding a new addition.