We’re excited to become adoptive parents for many reasons. First, we believe everything good is given by God – especially children. We see our daughter Mila and any future children as an awesome privilege. We’ll do our best to teach them to love others as God loves us and live a life of excitement, adventure, and purpose by following Jesus. Secondly, we have been given an abundance and look forward to giving another child a loving, stable, supportive, and fun home! Lastly, we have friends (in our church and neighborhood) and family (on both Joe and Lauren’s side) that have adopted children. However, we don’t see these children as adopted, rather we see them as family. We have great examples, so our family is well positioned to receive support navigating any challenges that may come.

About Us
We met in High School (in 1999!), fell in love, then never looked back. We were married in 2006 and are still very much in love. We are best friends and can’t imagine life without one another!

What Lauren Says About Joe
He truly is the love of my life! Joe cares deeply about people and is so loyal. He is an amazing husband, father & friend. His best quality is being a fantastic Dad and uncle! He is so much fun, he is always wrestling and playing with the kids when family is all together. After a hard day of work he is still always ready to spend time with Mila and play. He is really looking forward to being a Dad again! Joe works hard and above all else in a man of good character. He leads our family with grace and love. I am a better person because of him. – Lauren

What Joe Says About Lauren
When I met Lauren almost 20 years ago, we instantly “clicked”. The saying opposites attract couldn’t be more true. She is outgoing, emotional, spontaneous, and caring. I help her find her keys. Above all, she is loving and sacrifices for our family and others. She loves to help and I am grateful my children will grow up with her godly example of kindness, hospitality, and love. – Joe

About our Home and Life
Family, friends, and community are important to us. We purposefully chose a home in a neighborhood where many of our friends live with their families so our kids can grow up together. Both sets of grandparents still live close by in the same homes we grew up in and the grand-kids now look forward to visiting. We love to go for walks in the neighborhood, play in the yard, and even set up a lemonade stand in the summertime. Lauren is a stay at home mother, so she loves to cook and most nights we eat dinner together. Most importantly, we try to follow Jesus’ loving example by practicing love, kindness, and helping others.