Justin & Kourtney

Hi! We are Justin and Kourtney and we are very excited to be on this adoption journey! We want to thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We understand that this is not an easy decision for you to make but we greatly appreciate your consideration.

About Us
We attended high school and college together and got married shortly after in 2014. We lived in Michigan until January of 2017 when Justin’s job brought us to Ohio. In a short few years, we have planted our roots, bought a home, made friends, found a church, and made Ohio our home. Nothing would complete our home more than children. We have an orange tabby cat named Josie, and a Boston Terrier named Bentley. To say our fur babies are spoiled would be an understatement. They cannot wait to have a baby in the house to share some snuggles with.

About Him
Justin is an actuary at an insurance company. He is very intelligent and loves to learn. He is very active. He loves to be outside doing any kind of outdoor activity. Some of his favorite outdoor activities are golf, sand/beach volley ball, and kayaking. Justin is also very musically talented. He loves to play guitar, piano, and is currently learning to play the harmonica. He cannot wait to watch our future little one grow and be able to join him in all his favorite outdoor activities and hobbies.

About Her
Kourtney is a Digital Media Specialist at a marketing agency. She is very social and loves to be involved in an array of activities. She volunteers at her church and in small groups, is on the Event Leadership Committee for Relay for Life and is involved in a networking community called Women In Digital. In the summer, she loves to kayak with Justin (and the dog), travel, and pack the car full of goodies and go to the drive-in movie theater. She loves playing board and card games, attending concerts, and sometimes, her favorite thing is just popping a bag of popcorn and binge watching some Netflix. She cannot wait to begin the journey of parenthood and finally become a mother.

About our Home/Pets
We live in a very family friendly neighborhood. It is the type of neighborhood where everyone looks out for one another. When a neighbor hasn’t had the time to shovel their driveway in the winter, its not uncommon for another neighbor to help out and shovel their driveway for them. In the summer, there are children playing all throughout the neighborhood. A lot of our neighbors have dogs too so we will often see our neighbors walking their dogs as well and get to stop and say “Hi”. Bentley, our Boston Terrier, loves going on walks and getting to meet our neighbors and their dogs. He loves to play catch at the park, but is definitely not opposed to snuggling either. Josie is our orange tabby cat and she loves her naps. Don’t be fooled though, when she is in the mood to play, it means it’s time to play and chase her ball all around the house.

Again, we want to thank you for taking the time to view our profile and we hope that it gave you a glimpse into our lives and to who we are. To summarize our lives in just a few paragraphs has been a challenge. We just hope that our words and photographs display the love that we have for our families, each other, and for life. We promise to provide our future child with a loving home, endless opportunities, and allow and encourage them to be the best person they can be, but most importantly, to be themselves. They will always know where they came from and know the sacrifice that was made for them out of love and with their best interest in mind. We know that you will make a decision that is right for you and your child and we wish you both the very best in life.

Justin & Kourtney Greene

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