Hi, thank you for visiting our on-line profile. We can’t imagine how you feel making the adoption plan for your child. Rick and I want to express to you that we have so much love to share and to see this child through his or her life would be an honor for us and our family.

About Us:

We met in 1995 briefly while I (Kelly) was working in our local Mall and wouldn’t meet again until Christmastime 1997 at the same place. It was love at second sight! Almost a story-book romance flourished and we were married 3 years later. Three years into our marriage, our Son Nicholas was born. He has brought a lot of joy and love to us and our families. We have tried to add to our family and have decided that adoption is our journey.

About Him:

Rick is a business owner and his hobbies are; fishing, movies, and cars, he is “car crazy”! He loves Cadillac’s and enjoys going to car shows in the summer months. He is a High School graduate. Rick served 3 years in the Army and has been a disciplined worker since he was 12. Hard work paid off and he took over a family business in 2012 after 27 years of working there. Rick is a hands-on Dad and enjoys family activities.

About Her:

Kelly is a stay at home mom and helps with the family business seasonally. Her hobbies are; Crafting, reading and volunteering at school and church. She is a High School Graduate and also has an Associates Degree in Business Management. She has held several positions in retail and higher learning. Kelly is a compassionate and loving mother.  She has created a wonderful and exciting environment for our son. She enjoys spending time with our family and friends and is the “Social Director”. Everybody just loves Kelly!

Our Home/Community/Pets:

We own our own home which we recently renovated. It’s our forever home and we designed it for the future of expanding our family. It has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. We enjoy entertaining and having gatherings for any occasion. Our home is in a city with an exemplary school system and plenty of Parks and recreational activities. We have a spacious property for outside activities like baseball, volleyball, fishing and swimming. Nicholas enjoys having friends over to visit because there is so much to do. We are animal lovers and have 2 dogs and a Beta Fish. Our dogs are kid-friendly and love a good belly rub!