Kenric and Rebecca


Hello we are Kenric & Rebecca and our 5 boys, Austin (15) Sedric (13) Alex (9) Sean (7) Andre (3) We are deeply honored that you are considering including our family as part of your life’s journey, and giving us the gift of adopting your child. We will love your child unconditionally and respect them for all that they are, while honoring your courageous strength. We have been praying for you, your child, and the decision you are facing. It means so much to us that you have chosen life for your child. We respect and admire you for choosing adoption, and expressing your love for your child in this way.

We as a family are very excited to welcome your child into our home. Our house is a busy place and with 5 boys there is never a dull moment. The boys would love to have a baby sister. They would forever look out for and protect her like knights in shining armor and she be their Princess. We love to spend time together with extended family, playing games, going on vacation or camping trips.

Kenric is a hardworking, caring and honest person. He is the Love of my life! He is trustworthy and one I can count on to be there, when I need him through ups and downs. Kenric is an AWESOME Dad to our 5 Wonderful boys and loves to spend time with them, going fishing and swimming during the Summer or hunting in the Fall. He wonderfully meets their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. He is able to provide for his family and wants what is best for us! I feel so Blessed to be his wife and a mother to our boys!

Rebecca is my best Friend. From the day we met I knew we were meant to be. Her quiet, sensitive, and calm personality attracted me and she is the best stay at home mom who loves each of her boys and cares dearly about them. She is hardworking and always doing something for her family whether its cleaning up the house or mountains of laundry she is always cheerful. She loves to cook and makes special meals for each of our birthdays or special events. Rebecca also enjoys spending time with friends and family at tea parties, camping, or causal gatherings. She is gentle, patient, and always giving from her heart of gold. Whatever she does she always does her best and adds small details that make special memories.

Our Home is a place of refuge, always a place of safety. A place to rest and be refreshed. A place where one can be themselves and are always love and respected. We enjoy mealtimes together and just hanging out.

We look forward to meeting you and answer any questions you may have about our family.

Sincerely, Kenric, Rebecca and Boys

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