We write you this with kind and open hearts, forever grateful for your consideration. although we cannot know what you feel as you choose to make an adoption plan, we respect your decision for choosing this path and admire your courage. We write to you with hearts full of determination, excitement, and love for each other, as well as love for our families and the baby that we will welcome into our lives.

We understand this is a very difficult decision and we truly respect your choice in determining what is best for your child. It feels like “thank you” is not nearly enough for this incredibly tough choice you are making. Though we have not met, we are in awe of your compassion and courage. The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of profound love and selflessness. That gift has already once enriched our lives as we welcomed the arrival of our daughter, Quinn, in 2015. We promise that your child will be loved and protected and will be surrounded by family and friends who will always celebrate them and love them unconditionally. We will always let them know that you are an incredible person who placed their needs above those of your own.

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination. Our journey has brought us here to you. We hope that during this difficult and emotional time you will give us the honor of considering our family to love and care for your baby.

About Us
Kimberly is a Medical Assistant for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at University Hospitals. She enjoys cooking, baking, golf and spending time with her friends. She also loves to play tennis and take the family dog, Bentley, on long walks. One of Kimberly’s favorite activities is relaxing at the beach while reading a great book. Craig is the SVP of Credit for a private finance company. He too loves playing golf and likes to watch movies in his free time. Craig serves on the Board of Directors and as a Volunteer Coach at The First Tee of Cleveland, a youth development program that teaches life skills and core values through the game of golf. Together over the past twelve years, we have made many memories and built a solid foundation. As a family, we value many things but there are only a few at the top. Family and friends are two of the most important things in our lives and we cherish those relationships. We also value education, honesty and integrity. It is important that you study hard, try your best and always be true to yourself. We will provide you with the opportunity to discover many new things in life. The next chapter in our lives is a script waiting to be written and we anxiously look forward to turning the next page.

About Kimberly (written by Craig)
Kimberly is the most wonderful person I have ever met and will probably encounter in my lifetime. She is the most amazing mother and wife anyone could ask for. This is one of the many reasons I knew she was the one for me. If I had to pick one word to describe her, it would be selfless. She is the most kind, caring and giving person you will ever come across. She gives everything of herself and expects nothing in return. She has the gentlest soul and the softest warmest heart. Her laughter is contagious and her smile will undoubtedly light up the darkest of rooms. Everything I do in my life is because of her. I am the man I want to be when I am with her. I was lost before I met her. She is the light that shows me the way. Everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her is better off for having her in their life. She is a gift in so many ways. Your happiness means more to her than her own. She takes care of me when I am sick. She leaves me love notes in my lunch. She sends me texts and emails to see how my day is. She makes sure I eat enough for dinner and always puts extra special thought into my birthday and holiday presents. Our Daughter, Quinn, and the newest addition will be truly blessed to be able to call Kimberly their mother.

About Craig (written by Kimberly)
Craig has the best sense of humor. He is a loving, caring and sensitive person. He is an amazing provider and an even more amazing father. He is beyond intelligent, a financial and tech savvy wizard, and very professional. He is always looking out for me! He is always trying to find a way to make me smile whether it is by sending me flowers, by giving me a card or just surprising me with ridiculous gifts just because. He is a wonderful father who takes the time to be involved and attentive to our daughter. His world revolves around Quinn and I as we are always the center of his focus. One thing I LOVE about my husband, He leaves me little notes around the house that make me laugh. Craig is my best friend, my everything.

About our Home/Pets
We love our, it is peaceful and quiet, designed to be a loving retreat for our family. We have plenty of space with designated play rooms just for Quinn (and her future brother or sister!). Our big back yard offers us the chance to run and play until our hearts are content. The surrounding woods offer a wonderful view and a variety of wildlife including deer and exotic birds. Our dog, Bentley, is small in stature but big in spirit and might! He loves running through the house to play catch and going on long walks. He is a cuddler and is always up for a good snuggle.