Krista & Russ

Hi! We are Russ and Krista. We are excited to be prospective adoptive parents again! We are wanting to adopt, because we are unable to grow our family naturally. We believe God has led us to you and your child. We want you to know that we respect and admire your courage and are empathetic to your thoughts and feelings about adoption. We hope that you find comfort in learning about us and see how much love we have to offer your child. We wish you the best in your life and offer our prayers for your strength and peace in whatever decision you decide. God Bless.

About Us
We are a family of four wanting to expand our family with another sibling for Emma and Zade to become a family of 5. We expanded our family on December 1, 2016 when our adopted son Zade was born. He is such a blessing to our family and is very loved! He is very good with little babies and Emma who is 15 cannot wait to have another little brother or sister running around. Emma is the sweetest girl we know. She is thrilled and excited to be a big sister to another sibling! She is amazing with her little brother Zade, her cousins, and is very caring, kind, warm, loving, and smart. We live a normal life with ups and downs and we will raise our son or daughter within our Christian faith, unconditional commitment, and provide a forever home. We are 100% dedicated to our family. We are always getting together for family birthdays, holiday cookouts, and visiting our family members that live far away. We get together for family weekend get-aways to go hiking, fishing, watch movies, and more.

About Him
Russ is is a retired Marine after serving honorably in the U.S Marine Corps. He is a laid back, funny, sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes dry sense of humor, carefree; yet can be a very determined and goal oriented man. He is also hard working, faithful,and a great father to Emma and Zade. One day he can surprise us with making brownies and bringing home roses, and the next moment be on the floor with the kids playing. He has a quiet strength that makes people feel safe, and he is confident in his abilities to work hard and support his family. He is a Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan and loves to be outdoors.

About Her
Krista just retired as a Captain in the Air Force Reserve. Krista loves family vacations and big family birthday parties with extended family. She loves dogs, loves to read, travel, and spend time with people close to her. She is an Ohio State Buckeye fan and Indians fan. She has always put others first, and enjoys life. She is faithful, compassionate, and committed to Emma, Zade, and Russ. She cannot wait to be a mother to our new son or daughter that God has planned for us.

About our Home/Pets
Our dog Bella is 7 years old and loves kids. She is the sweetest dog, loves treats, running in the yard, and cuddling with us. She is a member of our family and will be the best pet for our new son or daughter. We love her so much.
We live in a great suburban neighborhood with sidewalks and lots of kids! We even have families in our neighborhood whose children are also adopted; we will have lots of community support for our son or daughter. Our school district is rated one of the highest in the state, and there are parks, playgrounds, a neighborhood community pool, and club house nearby. There are lots of fun activities throughout the year like the Easter Egg hunts, Halloween kids parties, and more.

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