Lauren and Lauren

Hello! We are Lauren and Lauren, a fun loving, ice cream eating family that will care for you and your child always. Thank you so much for picking up our book and taking the time to learn more about us. As you turn the pages, we hope that you find comfort and connection with us as people, a couple, and a family. In your planning and preparation throughout this journey, please know that we support you and the decisions you feel are best for your child. We hope to get the chance to meet you and learn about the dreams you have for your child’s future. No matter the journey you have been on to get to us, we are ready join you if you will have us.

About Us
Lauren V and I met while setting up for a friend’s surprise birthday party. It was refreshing to learn of our mutual love for traveling, sports, and being with friends and family. After about six months of texts, calls, and friends’ parties, we began to start dating. We are so lucky to have found our person in one another, and have been in a loving, committed relationship for over 11 years now.

Through this adoption journey, it has been amazing to see how we balance each other out. Lauren M lifts me up when I feel discouraged. Lauren V makes me smile and laugh through the waiting.

We take turns being encouraging for the one who feels defeated. No matter what, we make sure to remind one another of our dreams to grow our family and how much love we have to give to one another and our children. We are so hopeful and ready to adopt again.

About Lauren M
HI! I am Lauren M., also known as Mama Kiwi! I grew up in Northeast Ohio, playing softball with my younger sister. My father recently retired as an engineer, to help my mother with her Italian restaurant. Boy, are these two a hoot on radio commercials!

Monday through Friday, I am a Regional Performance Manager at a large snack food company, which is a major hit with all Madi’s friends. I love to coach Madi’s softball team, travel, watch live sports, and go to concerts and movies in my spare time. I also enjoy spending time as a family every Sunday for dinner at my parents. I like to relax by watching a movie, going on bike rides or watching the sunset on our back deck with our family and best friends.

Growing our family is something the three of us have dreamed about for years now, and I cannot wait to share our adventures and unconditional love with another sweet little soul.

About Lauren V
HI! I am Lauren V, also known as Mama Bear. I was born and raised in Northwest Pennsylvania, with an older and younger sister. My favorite memories growing up are centered around family birthday parties and summer nights at the beach cooking out.

I am a university soccer coach by day and a mom all the time. If not watching soccer, I am coaching it or challenging Madi to soccer games in the backyard. I enjoy mowing the lawn, weeding, baking, traveling, and fixing things. Since Madi has such a passion for music and dance, I have really enjoyed taking her to concerts. My favorite concert as a family was watching Pink fly through the audience in Pittsburgh. To relax, I like to sit on my front porch and listen to music or take our dogs for a walk.

Adding another child to our family is something my heart has been set on for quite some time. I just love to see the world through the innocence and love of a child. I believe their hugs and kisses are the cure to all life’s challenges.

About Madison
Madison was born in Pennsylvania in 2009 and came to live with us in 2012. She loves to stay in contact with her dad, older sister, and brother through phone calls and visits. Her mother passed away in 2019.

Madi has a huge heart and has overcome a lot in her first 12 years of life. We are so proud of her! Watching her become independent in social situations and in her schoolwork has been so rewarding.

Madi is thoughtful and kind like her Mama Bear and works hard in sports and school like her Mama Kiwi. She loves being busy and has tried volleyball , basketball, softball, and soccer, but she is most passionate about dancing, singing, and crafts.

Madi prays for a little brother or sister every night. She said that we have too much love to give to keep it to just the three of us.

About our Home/Pets

In 2019, we were blessed with the opportunity to build a new home in the same neighborhood we had fallen in love with and lived in for the last 7 years. Our new home has not only given us an extra bedroom (for all the friends and family we have anxiously waiting to welcome this baby), but also a great backyard that Madi and her friends love to play in. We can’t wait to add a swing set for the baby.

We love our neighborhood because it is young, diverse and friendly. During the summers, we have s’mores nights or cookouts in each other’s driveways. We may even play a game of cornhole or basketball. Don’t worry, we let the kids win sometimes! In the winter, we have snowman making contests. It’s not about the biggest snowman, but more about how you decorate the snowman!

Our school district is amazing and offers many different learning opportunities. We are lucky to live in a school district that Madi loves, and that believes investing in the arts is as important as investing in books.

We have two wonderful dogs. Our oldest, Frank, is a 7-year-old black lab, Boston terrier mix. He is very loving and protective. In the morning, he will not go downstairs until everyone is out of bed.

Max is a 6-year-old terrier mix. He is
very playful and independent. He loves
the sun, and you will find him
sunbathing wherever it shines through
our windows.

Both dogs are great with kids, and love to give loads of kisses.

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