1: Introduction
Hello, we are Leon and LaShawna, and we live in a suburb north of Columbus. We have been dreaming of building our family for some time, so we appreciate you taking the time to read our letter. We can, in no way, begin to understand the difficulty of the decision that you are currently facing.   We admire your consideration of choosing such a selfless act. If our family is blessed to become the parents of your baby, we will promise to provide him or her with a loving home, a supportive and safe environment, and a great education. Your child will be the center and joy of our lives and the lives of our extended family.

2: About Us

We met through a mutual friend in Indianapolis, Indiana. We dated for 2 years, and have been happily married since October 18, 2009. Since that lovely day, our love and passion for each other grows continuously deeper and more intimate.  Since becoming married, we have moved to the great state of Ohio, we have furthered our education, established our careers, and we have purchased a lovely home in a great school district. We are working professionals in the areas of medicine and project management. LaShawna is a Registered Nurse supporting our veterans and Leon is a Project Manager in the energy industry.

We have a deep desire and calling to build our family and to provide unconditional love to a child. We struggled conceiving, but our desire to be loving parents remains strong. Both of us are loving and faith-centered people that want to simply enrich our lives, as well as, the life of your beautiful child. If it’s your personal desire to have an open adoption, we are both committed to ensuring that you and your child remain connected or have a relationship.

3: About Him
Leon will be the perfect dad. He is always up for adventure and makes life fun. He is caring, thoughtful, giving, loyal, a gentleman, has a big heart, and is that person who everyone comes to for counsel. He is very active and outgoing. He loves entertaining, cooking out and listening to his music. He’s just an overall good person.

4: About Her
LaShawna would be a great mother. She loves children and supporting veterans. LaShawna is a selfless women that focuses on her family by ensuring family is encouraged and supported. She has a natural ability to understand peoples struggles and challenges. She is nurturing, caring, compassionate, patient, and a good listener. LaShawna loves sports, staying active, loves to travel, love listening to music and a big foodie.