Birthdate: December 2001

Lequan is a boy that is happiest outside – he loves to roller skate, play basketball, ride his bike, skateboard – you name it and he’ll try it. You’ve never seen persistence like his when learning new things – he will practice something endlessly until he’s mastered it. He craves freedom and wide open spaces where he can run, jump and play for hours on end. Lequan stays busy no matter whether he’s inside or out, so video games, listening to music or watching TV capture his attention indoors. He loves animals, so a furry companion is a big plus for him, too.

Lequan can have challenging behaviors in school and at home. His adoptive family will need a good supply of patience as he learns to accept clear and consistent boundaries, along with respecting adult authority. He is an affectionate and loving kid, who simply doesn’t know yet what it is like to live with a family who will not give up on him, no matter what. Lequan is a master of pushing people away who try to get close to him, so a family needs to have the strength, endurance and commitment to weather his often tough exterior and build on the many positives he will bring to a home.

For more information about Lequan contact:

Denise Barczyk, at (330) 928-0044 or

or his social worker, Sara Cruse, at (330) 379-2079,