Thank you so much for your brave decision to make an adoption plan. I (Tegan) know how much work it is to be pregnant, and I admire you so much for choosing to do what is best for you and your child. If you have the strength to do this, there will be no challenges in life that are too great for you to overcome.

Matt and I agree that being parents has been the greatest joy of our lives. Exhausting and stressful as it is, there is nothing we could ever do or accomplish that is more important to us than raising children to be kind, strong, well-educated, and empathetic.

Last fall, we bought a house in a sweet little neighborhood that we think is the perfect place for children to grow up. We both spent our childhoods playing outside with neighbor kids until the sun went down, and we want our children to have that chance too. Right now, we have just one daughter, Evelyn, but we have spent the last year fostering babies and toddlers. We loved having the chance to bond with the 5 children that have been part of our family throughout the past year; getting to play our part in helping them be reunified with their biological families was our privilege. But the greatest joy of all would be having a child that could be part of our family forever—one that we could watch grow up and stand behind through all the ups and downs of life.

Matt – Matt is the best Papa a kid could ask for. He is patient and gentle and always ready with a cheesy “dad joke” for any occasion. Matt and Evelyn enjoy doing hobbies together; mainly “rock science” and woodworking.

Tegan – Motherhood has been the best part of my life over the past several years. It’s so amazing getting to watch children grow and learn about the world around them. When it’s warm outside, I like to spend lots of time outside with the children gardening, taking walks, and playing in the creek with toy boats. During the winter we like to do crafts and play games.