Birthdate: June 2008

Michael is a sweet, loving and kind little boy. He likes to play all types of sports along with cars. He also loves to ride his bike and play outside. Michael is described as a wonderful helper and loves completing tasks around the house. He is great at following directions. He is eager to try anything and open to experiences that he has never been able to try in the past. Michael has never really had the advantage to observe and be part of a family.

Michael has siblings that he has a bond with. It is important that his connection with his siblings be maintained.

Michael would thrive in a family that would eat dinner together at night, has set schedule, celebrates family traditions, and successes. Michael needs a patient and caring family who will show him unconditional love and support and attend to his medical needs. He will need to continue with therapeutic services to address past trauma and loss.

Michael will do best in a family with no children or with older children.

To learn more about making Michael a part of your family, please contact:

Kristin Jordan, LSW
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter & Adoption Assessor
Caring for Kids, Inc.
Gina Oriti, MSSA, LSW
Permanency Planning Department
Summit County Children Services