Our Commitment To CARE

Any financial support you can give will be appreciated!

Caring for Kids pays the $100 fee for our birthmothers that would like to participate in the birthmothers’ retreat. We also encourage other adoption agencies to register their birthmothers for our retreat or offer sponsorships. You can fill out the form below to sponsor a birthmother.


Caring for Birthmothers retreats are offered 3 times a year and feature a weekend retreat to provide support for women who have made an adoption plan for their child. The retreat includes:

For private sponsors who have a specific birthmother in mind, we will gladly honor your request; please let us know who you would like to sponsor.

Sponsor a Birthmother

  • Please know that if the birthmother you requested above is unable to attend, your donation will be used to send another birthmother to the retreat.

Thank You For Your Support!

We thank you for your consideration of these strong, selfless women – whose tremendous sacrifice and courage to make an adoption plan for their child deserves our ongoing encouragement and support.


We welcome your questions!  Please feel free to call or email Lori Scobee at Lori@cfkadopt.org or Jill Davies at jill@cfkadopt.org.

Our Commitment To CARE