Birthdate:  November 2001

Paris is an outgoing, fun-loving, silly young lady. She has a great personality and is a very likeable teen.  Paris enjoys being active, and is particularly interested in volleyball and basketball.  She loves to go out to eat and is fond of shopping at the mall.  She is interested in fashion and typically takes pride in her appearance.   Paris is able to expresses her thoughts very well and she engages easily in conversation with people she trusts.

 Paris is polite, considerate, insightful, and expresses a great deal of concern for others.  She likes to please the adults in her life, and loves to talk about her future career aspirations.  Paris is currently considering being a counselor or lawyer, and states she would like to work with youth who have experienced difficulties.  Paris is working hard in school, but admits that it is hard for her to wake up in the morning!

Paris needs a family that will make a lifelong commitment to her and provide unconditional love and support. She has experienced many losses in her  life and needs to have the opportunity to develop a strong connection with a safe adult so that she can continue to work through her previous experiences. Wouldn’t you love to know more about this amazing young lady?

If you are interested in learning more about making Paris part of your family, please contact:

Renee Baker

phone: 330-928-0044