We are deeply grateful you are looking into who we are and the love we have to offer your precious baby. We admire your strength in considering an adoption plan and if chosen, promise to give your child a life filled with love, joy, and health.

About us…
We have been married 7 years. Our two children, James (age 6) and Rosemary (age 4), truly love babies and are so very excited about the prospect of a new sibling. Our home is in Columbus and our backyard has a playset, fruit & vegetable garden, and lots of running space for our friendly dog.

About Paul…
Paul works as an accountant. He helps get the kids ready in the morning and is home in time for dinner. Paul enjoys playing games with and reading books to the kids. He volunteers with youth in an inner-city Christian ministry.

About Barbara….
Barbara is a homemaker and works two mornings a week as a Registered Dietitian. Barbara enjoys taking the kids on play dates most days to fun places like the zoo, library, playgrounds, bike rides, gardens, and the pool. She was raised in California and our family enjoys a beach vacation every few years.

Our hope….
We believe an open adoption is important so you and your child can stay connected through an exchange of letters, photos, and visits. We have been praying to adopt a child and would be honored to be entrusted with the privilege of raising your much loved baby.

God bless,
Paul & Barbara