Pros and Cons of Open Adoption – For Birthparents

Adoption plans are varied, and not two open adoption relationships are the same. However, no matter the case birthmothers are always behind the wheels. Open adoptions in Ohio are actually not black and white but rather a color scale. These are flexible and allow both the mother and the adoptive family to agree upon a plan.


Open adoptions are common and very beneficial for both the birthparents and the babies, but as you might imagine, there are also some challenges. This will depend on the amount of contact you want to maintain and the adoptive family.


Pros Of Open Adoption


1.    Allows You To Choose The Perfect Family For Your Baby

With this type of adoption, you have more information when it comes to deciding the perfect family to raise your child. Although you can speak with adoptive families even if you do not want to go for open adoption, this makes it easier to maintain communication with them throughout childhood and reassure them that you made the right choice.


2.    Relationship With Your Child As He Or She Grows

If agreed upon, open adoption plans can involve direct communication with your child and even physical visits. For many birthmothers, this is great and brings them peace of mind as it allows them to see their kids grow and know they’re doing well.


3.    Your Child’s Big Questions

Kids are curious and when they grow up, questions might arise. Adoptees often struggle with questions about their adoption, even if the underlying reason was their well-being. Constant communication throughout childhood gives you the ability to answer these questions and help them grow knowing why this.


4.    Family and Support

The adoptee within an open adoption may have more family to provide love and support. The adoptive family may also be grateful for the extra support provided by others that love their child.


Cons Of Open Adoption


1.    You Might Feel Pressured To Keep In Touch

Even though it is not necessary that you keep in touch with the adoptive family open adoptions tend to feel like it. Unfortunately, we can’t always control how we feel. However, it is always good to keep in mind that these agreements are flexible and non-enforceable, which means that you can reduce the amount of contact if you feel like it.


2.    Closure

Putting a baby up for adoption is not easy, and oftentimes you go through a healing process. Since open adoptions keep lines of communication open, the feeling of “closure” can be lost. This doesn’t happen very often, and communication is actually more beneficial as it creates new bounds and can put your mind at ease.


3.    Change of Hearts

This can be hurtful for the child, the birth parents, or the adoptive families. But sometimes feelings can change, and this means that whether you or the adoptive family can decide to reduce contact. The possibility that the adoptive family express they want to reduce contact is low, but something that should be taken into account.


4.    Possible Boundary Issues

This is another possibility that can be challenging. Open adoption plans mean that both the parents and adoptive families will be in touch. Knowing how to incorporate two different sets of parents can be confusing. However, previous communication and a clear agreement with the family of your choice can prevent this confusion from happening.


Even With Its Challenges, Open Adoption Plans Are A Great Choice

Rather than cons, they should be seen as challenges. Because even though it can sometimes hurt, there are also beautiful moments to be shared, and you can still see your baby grow while forming part of his or her life.


From the moment you consider adoption, you can work with adoption and counseling agencies like CFK, which can provide you with free support to help you make the best decision that suits your goals.

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